Snowmobiling can be a lot of fun as they glide across the snow with a vehicle.  The history of snowmobiles is extremely fascinating to learn about.  Did you know that the very first snowmobile that was made was built in 1909 and it was made about 10 feet long.  That is a pretty long snow vehicle. 

Just last year, in 2012, there were almost 130,000 snowmobiles that were sold world wide.  This sport is growing each year as more people enjoy this adventurous activity.  Many people do not consider this a sport, but it is great for your mental health and you can get outside and be close with nature.

The top two states with the most snowmobiles registered each year are Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Over 200,000 snowmobiles are registered in each of these two states alone every single year.  These numbers are pretty amazing.  They seem to keep growing each year.

They are making snowmobiles more comfortable and luxurious for the riders each year.  They now have something called a 2 person snowmobile, with a seat on the back for a second rider.  This ensures that if there are two riders, they aren’t banging helmets together on the trails.  Also, most snowmobiles now have hand warmers and foot warmers.  In fact, the hand warmers get so warm that many people have to turn them down because they feel as though they are burning hot.  The option to back up using the snowmobile is a great addition as well.  Now, if you need to turn around there is no need to pull the snowmobile backwards manually, which can be a pain.

There are over 230,000 miles of snowmobile trails marked in the United States.  This means that riding your snowmobile on the trails gives you unlimited options because you would never be able to ride all of them.

There are many different types of snowmobiles and brands.  The brand and make of your snowmobile really depend on your preference.  Be sure to check all of them out before you make your purchase and final decision.  Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Polaris and many more are the examples of the types of brands you can purchase.  There are also many types of snowmobiles as well.  Entry level snowmobile, performance snowmobile, touring snowmobile, mountain snowmobile and utility snowmobile are the types you can get depending on your lifestyle.

Over 100,000 people have jobs because of snowmobiles.  The jobs that involve snowmobiles are making them in factories, selling them in retail, mechanic work and being part of a tourism that shows snowmobiles to the visitors. 

Some people buy land to ride their snowmobiles on and others use a trailer to take their snowmobiles on public trails.  Either way, if you can get out and ride the trails when there is fresh snow, you are bound to have a blast! 

People who own snowmobiles are delighted with the sport of snowmobiling.  Some of them even have races with their sleds.  This is a great event for families and friends to participate in together.