We have grown up with celebrating Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May every year (in Australia) and most of us just accept that as we do Father's day.I started to wonder how it started and decided to do some research on the subject.







From what I can gather, one idea for Mother's day goes back centuries to the earliest celebrations in Ancient Greece to honor Rhea, the Mother of the Gods.This goes back to the 1600's, where the early Christians in England wanted to celebrate and honor Mary, the Mother of Christ.This day was expanded to include all mothers and named Mothering Sunday.This was then celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent which is the forty day period which leads up to Easter.It was this Mothering Sunday which honored all the mothers of England.







Another Suggestion







Some believe that it originated from the Ancient Egyptians, which tended to celebrate symbols and goddesses more so than actual Mothers.One of these was the goddesses Isis.She was believed or regarded as Mother of pharaohs.She is often depicted sitting a throne, and crowned by a pair of horns with a fiery sun orb.







After he husband was slain and dismembered in thirteen pieces by their jealous brother Seth, Isis re-assembles Osiris's body and used it to impregnate herself.After giving birth to Horus she had to hide him in the reeds so Seth could not kill him.When Horus grew up he defeated Seth and became the ruler of a unified Egypt.This then earned Isis the title of Mother of the Pharaohs.It has also been pointed out their resemblance to Virgin Mary and baby Jesus.







Mother Church




Over the years Christianity spread through Europe and the celebration changed to honoring the Mother Church. They started to unify the church celebration on Sunday and people honored both the church and their own mothers.







To this day many other countries celebrate Mother's Day although on different dates in 2010 it will be:







The United States celebrates it on the second 9th May 2nd Sunday in May




Ireland and the United Kingdom celebrate Mothering Sunday on the fourth Sunday in lent. It will be on March 14




Australia and Singapore will celebrate on 9th May the second Sunday in May.




Make your Mother a Special gift of memories










Photo Album-Why not make your mother a small photo album, those of you that do a bit of scrapbooking would not have any trouble coming up with some decorative pages for a Mother's Day album.




Family Photo and Frame-Decorate an old photos frame with decoupage.You can choose all sorts of colored paper or even Mother's Day wrapping paper and then add a photo.Or you could us a plain photo frame and then write up a nice verse dedicated to your mother and decorate with flowers around the edge and print then insert in the frame.







Make a door stop- Use a piece of driftwood and decorate it with imitation flowers. If this is not heavy enough you could make a plaster base and push the driftwood into this and leave to set.Once dry you could glue a piece of felt to the base so it will not scratch the tiles.


Glass gift with verse- If you know someone handy with glass they may be able to cut out two pieces for you a base and the message part. Make sure that they file the edges so it will not cut anyone though. Then print a verse on this. Or you could use letraset letters.



What ever you give your Mother for a gift, make sure she knows how much you really care and love her. Do not leave it until it is too late.