This year the Olympics will be held in

Vancouver,Canada on Febuary 12,2010. It all started

with the games in ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece

The mighty "Hercules" was the first to call the games "Olympic". These games way back then featured boxing,running,and chariot races.Those Olympic games started in 776 BC until 393 AD. The games then subsited until after the 19th century.

The winner of the Olympics in the ancient days was adorned with a wreath crown made from the scared olive tree leaves. It wasn't about material reward way back then,it was about honor. In ancient Greece there were a whole lot less events. Only free men could be in the events and they had to speak Greek.
The Olympics will happen every four years just as in Ancient Greece. In todays Olympics there are 26 sports and over 300 events. There are three medals given in the modern Olympics now. The first place metal is gold,2nd place is silver and 3rd place bronze.

The city that hosts the modern day Olympics is responsible for organizing the celebration of the events and promoting them. When doing this they highlight there own beautiful city and country. They become well known for hosting the Olympics all over the world. This city will use music,dance and singing from it's own culture.


In Olympia the torch will be carried all over the country of Greece passed along to different carriers.. Then the torch will travel on a trans-plane across the Atlantic Ocean to Vancouver ,Canada for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

There are certain rituals that the Olympics still go by. In Ancient Greece the flame was lit by the sun using a metal reflector. The lighting took place at a temple called Hera. The ruins of Hera are still there in Ancient Greece. A young boy would give an olive branch to the High Priestess as a symbol.

The carrying and lighting of the torch is still a traditional ritual. Today in modern Greece an actress in a white toga plays the part of the High Priestess for an exact reenactment of the original ceremony. The flame is lit up in the stadium after it reaches the fatal torch carrier. At the last event the torch flame is then put out.

The "Truce"

The Truce dates back to 9th century BC Greece. The truce means that athletes, families,regular people,and artists could travel to and from the Olympic games in safety. This truce is still in effect today striving to promote Peace and well being around the world..