A Flashback on Daytona Bike Week

Daytona Bike Week 2012

Daytona Bike Week 2012 is just couple of weeks away and being the biggest motorcycle event in North America, countless people will be enjoying the festivities of this gathering. A quick look into its humble beginnings will let us understand how this tradition has been around for such a long time.

It was in 1937 when motorcycles raced over Daytona beaches and burned tires on concrete tracks. It was then called Daytona 200 and the event lasted 10 days which was held in March. It then became a tradition and an annual event. Attendees grew in numbers in succeeding years.
The success of the 10 day festival may be credited to the beautiful location where it’s being held. Volusia County is situated on the east coast of Florida where it boasts some of the best beaches in the world which attracts many vacationers and tourists. During this time of the year, the number of people coming into Volusia County can be twice as big as Seaside County. Its population doubles in the 10 day event from 500,000 to a million.

Succeeding years proved to be well supported by different organizations that make up this gathering of bike aficionados. More people come every year to witness the excitement and fun of this amazing motorcycle festival. They all enjoy the rallies and the beaches of Daytona and Volusia County along with the wonderful weather. But this excitement halted when the Second World War started in the 40’s. The country was focused then on the allied forces campaign which caused several years of cancelled events for Daytona.

After the war subsided, Daytona resumed the annual event. This alone proved that nothing can stop these bike fanatics from congregating to celebrate the 10 day biker festival.
Daytona Bike Week has evolved into a much better event as years went by since it started in 1937. Corporate sponsorship, media, and a never ending love for motorcycles have made this event the biggest bike festival in the whole world. It has grown so big that even if you spend the entire 10 days at the event, it is still not possible to attend all of the activities.

From races, rallies, bike shows, concerts and beer gardens, Daytona Bike Week becomes a bikers Disneyland. There is no place in the world where you’ll see a sea of people in leather jackets, carbon fiber half helmets,  non-stop parties, and wild roars of Harleys being revved up. Everyone in the event reflects excitement and amazement in their faces all because of the sights, sounds, and ebergy that make up the Daytona Bike Week experience.

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