The history of Karastan area rugs is a history as colorful and as vibrant as the area rugs that are produced by Karastan. Karastan as a company and brand name dates back to 1928. Karastan records that the first area rug to come off their loom was finished on April 8th, 1928 at 2:02 p.m. The appeal to Karastan rugs and indeed the edge that drove them ahead of the competition for about fifteen years was a revolutionary process of using looms to recreate the beauty and craftsmanship of handmade rugs.

To put their product to the test, Karastan produced a large rug from their Kirman pattern to put on display at the World's Fair of 1933-34 in Chicago. For the purposes of demonstration over five million people contributed their footprints, spills and food stains to the massive rug. To demonstrate the sheer resilience of the rug, Karastan then cleaned half of it for a comparison of before and after. The rug exists today still in the same half cleaned, half filthy state.

To prove that this was no fluke Karastan repeated the test at the World's Fair of 1939-40 hosted in New York. That boasted over nine million visitors trampling the rug before it was cleaned and restored. Karastan holds these two demonstrations as definitive proof of their rugs' durability and resiliency.

While Karastan does produce rugs with synthetic fibers, their flagship fiber is produced from New Zealand wool raised on pesticide free farms. Karastan claims environmentally friendly techniques are used in every process of the carpet and rug making process from the growing and gathering of the wool to the delivery of the rug to the home.

Wool offers the following benefits to rugs: strength and durability, crush resistance, stain resistance, fire resistance (the fibers are difficult to ignite and naturally self extinguishing) and are non-allergenic, which means they do not promote the growth of dust mites or bacteria. Since 1928 Karastan has been a leader in producing area rugs with the best possible products, and the history of Karastan area rugs delivers a product where the quality speaks for itself.