The logo of the company is the special design or way of writing that the company puts on its products, notepapers and advertisements. This creatively designed symbol or trademark is a very vital element and a part of every communication made by the company to its publics. Interestingly, humans have been using logos for centuries. In this article I want to unfold some historical facts related to logos.

A Brief History

In ancient days people used to make single letter logos for secret messages. These symbols had made their beginning as a cipher (secret system of writing) comprising of a single letter. As the time passed people started using a logo design or mark consisting of two or more letters intertwined.

According to archeological findings the Greeks were the first to use logos in their system. The ancient empire is renowned for its mythical symbols that were used to narrate the history and lives of pharaohs and his decuples.

The findings also suggest that many early Greek and Roman coins that were used as a medium of exchange bear the stamp (monogram) and logos of rulers. According to sources the most famous imprint on the coin is the sacred monogram, which is formed by the conjunction of the first two Greek letters of XR, S, T, O and S, (Christ). The Middle Ages were extremely prolific in inventing ciphers for ecclesiastical, artistic, and commercial use.

Later in the thirteenth century, business merchants started using logo designs, which evolve from simple ciphers to trademarks for traders. Some examples of the logo designs used by these traders were masons' marks, goldsmith's marks, paper maker's watermarks and watermarks for the nobility.

With the advent of technology and time, the discipline of logo and logo designing also changed. This discipline saw a remarkable change with the advancement of information technology. Today, even the layman could could easily understand logos or trademarks of global brands.

Logos in Today's World

Today company's logo design not only represent the face of the business to the public but also to its employees and various publics. They have become a face of the company, the corporate identity. Now logo designing has emerged into a separate discipline and every organisation spends its substantial time in designing a perfect logo as per its requirement.

Since most of the companies of the worls are into diversified business processes, ever organisation need a unique and creatively designed logo that would provide a distinctive identity to its products. With competition in the business world, logo designing have become an inseparable element of the company.

Now every company spends its ample time and resources to design a unique logo, which are formed after through research and study of the nature of the business, its target audience and other factors.

Today, logo designing is not only confined to a symbol or picture, it also involves colour, texture, size and shape. There are a number of companies which are offering logo design services to its clients. Some of the all time famous logos are: Yahoo, Google, MSN, Sun Microsystems, IBM, BMW, Mc Donalds, etc.

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