The word psychic originated in Greece from the Greek word "psychikos", which means "of the mind". Originally, Camille Flammarion, a French astronomer and spiritualist, used the word, and in 1870, Edward William Cox brought it into the English language.

In ancient times, fortune telling and astrology was also under the psychic ability and has long been a part of the civilization. In the mid nineteenth century, the United States of America and the United Kingdom were just few places that this psychic upheaval became well known. There was a study in 1990 from the National Academy of Sciences that resulted in 2% voting that psychic ability is based on science, 2% thought that the phenomenon sometimes did, indeed, happen. The research from the field showed that of those who were asked, 10% were confident and supported it, 22% said that it should not be promoted or encouraged, and 63% said it can be permitted but should not be promoted.

A psychic has the ability to see or perceive information (sometimes detailed information) that is not available with the normal senses by using extrasensory perception. This kind of ability is common in fictional stories such as novels, the movies and theatre. Some say psychic power is all in the mind and is an intended attempt at trickery or is just self-illusion.

Today, some people claim that they have the psychic abilities; others even become professional psychics and earn their living from it.

About the Psychic Test

In our modern world, some people are interested in learning more about this psychic ability and some would like to discover if they have the ability to perceive. Psychic tests provide a way to determine the level of a person's psychic abilities. However, remember most of the tests do not give precise results but you will be able to find out if you have any ability and if your psychic ability is greater than the average person.

The usual psychic ability test consists of instructions with visuals like shapes, colors, faces numbers, foods and letters. Some psychic tests can be complicated and have categories that will help you find your ability, where you are good at things like precognition, clairvoyance and telepathy. Tests are usually in a question and answer format. There will be set of questions (sometimes with visuals) and you will answer them (usually questions consists of two or more options).