Valentine's Day Quotes

How do I love thee let me count the ways. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The best and most beauitful thing in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must

be felt with the heart. Helen Keller

Age does not protect you from Love. But Love to some extent protects you from age. Anaes


Strawberries for Valentine'sbeauitful flowerswine to drink


St. Valentine's Day's Feb.14 beginning is a big mystery. There were three St. Valentines.

All of them were Christian martyrs. One Valentine was in Rome, one in Terni and one in


Cupid is called "the God of Love".

Cupid is a winged baby that was in Greece and Rome dated back 3,000 years ago. It is said that Cupid

shoots an arrow of Love into unsuspecting people and they fell in LOVE with the next person they see.

The celebration of Valentine's Day began in the 17th century in Great Brition. Friends

and people in Love began to give gifts and flowers to show their affection. In the 1700's friends would

meet and draw names. The men would wear the name the draw on their sleeve. This is where the saying

"Wearing his heart on his sleeve" is believed to have come from. The British ladies would stand by a

window and look for a man to walk by he was supposed to be the one she would marry before a year

was over.

A British author "Kate Greenaway" was famous for designing cards in the 1800's. Her cards pictured

children smiling and beauitful gardens.

Esther Horaland sold the made in America cards in the 1840"s. They were decorated with lace,

ribbon and flowers. The cards were hand delivered until postage mail began. Then they could be mailed.

Now a days there are gifts of chocolate in heart shaped boxes, beauitful flowers and jewelry also.

Valentines's day is a whole lot more commerical today. Ads are everywhere in

paper,internet and television.

Valentine's special dinners are often prepared for that special person. A nice bottle of wine to make a

toast to your Valentine declaring your LOVE. After eating a special dessert may

be served such as strawberries covered with chocolate. Watching a good romantic movie is another

way to enjoy Valentine's day with your Love. Some good romantic movies are from the 1970's a favorite

of everyone is "Grease" starring John Travola and Oliva Newton John.. Going to Rydell High together

the two teenagers fall in LOVE and sing and dance together in an awesome movie. John Travola plays

Danny a handsome sexy romantic guy. Oliva Newton John is awesome singing "Summer Night's".

The great classic romance movie "Out of Africa" from the 1980's

with Meryle Steep and Robert Redford. A story located in Africa about Baroness Karen Von Blixen. She

fell in love after divorce with Deny after drinking wine and partying . Deny is played by Robert Redford.

Another good one is a 2009 movie Romantic Drama "The

Time Travelers Wife".starring Erick Bana . The time traveler is married with a rare blood gene disease

that makes him disappear at unexpected times. he never knows when he will be back. which puts stress on the marriage.

Other Countries celebrate Valentine's in different ways. A romantic dinner and a rose is

the custom in Denmark. In Finland Valentine's Day is called "Friends Day" for sweethearts and

friends. In Solvenia the belief is that birds can propose and get married on Valentine's

Day. In Romano Valentine's Day is celebrated on Feb.24th.