Lithium-ion technology has made significant progress over the last decade. It has significant potential and it has allowed for greater capacity and less weight, which has helped to grow the cordless power tool market. This technology has decisive advantages over other type of batteries, including its compact dimensions, quick recharge time, longer run time than nickel-cadmium batteries, and high performance. And really good thing about lithium-ion batteries is that they hold capacity and efficiency even after 300 cycles. These are the main reasons why 18 volt power tools are the choice of professionals for the most demanding applications.

Pretty much all power tool manufacturers use 18 volts lithium ion batteries in their cordless tools.
Hitachi is one of such manufacturers. Their 18 volts cordless tools are leading the way in the use of Li-ion batteries. Hitachi offers a number of different 18v power tools that satisfy toughest performance requirements and meet a variety of standards.

18v batteries are the foundation of every Hitachi cordless power tool including: power drills, impact drills, hammer drills, circular saws, reciprocating saws, and jig saws. We are going to look specifically at the Bare Tool Hitachi C18DLP4 18-Volt Lithium Ion 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw and Hitachi WR18DL 18-volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Wrench.

It is time for traditional methods of cutting wood with a saw to move over. A cordless circular saw is a must have power tool for woodworking and home improvement projects. Packet with features Bare Tool Hitachi C18DLP4 18-Volt Lithium Ion 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw is a supreme and astonishing must have power tool that will change the way you work and cut wood and metal forever. This Hitachi 18v tool will also change the way you look at circular saws. Its easy design-in requirements make it as a perfect solution for most applications. It has a well-balanced design to deliver maximum handling and performance capabilities.

Key functional features include: ultra compact functional design, fan cooled hi-torque motor, left-mounted 6-1/2-inch blade, and high level of bevel cutting control.

Key safety features include: electric brake, no blade change in between materials, virtually spark free, built-in spotlight for improved visibility of cut line, safer blade guarding, anti-vibration handles for improved comfort and reduced user fatigue.

One of the most important aspects of this 18v cordless saw is the blade depth adjustment. The blade should always be set so the teeth extend just barely beyond the thickness of the work piece. If the blade is set too deep for the work piece the saw can bang as it makes the cut. To change the depth of the blade, the following steps must be done in sequence: unlock the depth adjustment lever, raise the blade until the pointer lines up with the appropriate mark on the calibrated depth bracket, and lock it in place.

To change the angle of the blade simply unlock the level adjustment bevel, tilt the saw on its foot plate to dial in the preferred angle shown on the gage and lock it in place.

Hitachi WR18DL 18-volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Wrench helps you work faster. It can be easily switched from forward to reverse with one hand. There is even a white LED work light so you can find your way in tight, dim, and poorly lit spaces. It uses a 3Ah HXP lithium ion battery which has high output and low heat generation to deliver three times the life of conventional NiCad battery. A retractable and reversible belt hook allows you to hang the toolHitachi C18DLP4 18-Volt Lithium Ion six and a half--Inch Circular Saw on your belt when you need to use both hands for other work. Hitachi WR18DL 18-volt continuously monitors battery performance providing exceptional battery life.

This 18v power tool has two speeds. This feature harnesses the high speed and high torque of the impact design and delivers precise speed and torque for specific applications. Use high speed (zero to 2,600 rpm and 1,950 in./lbs. of torque) for fastening large diameter nuts and bolts and long large diameter lag bolts. Use low speed (zero to 2,000 rpm) for fastening bolts for strap hangers and fences. Power can be selected, depending on the work and the material.

The ergonomic design delivers a comfortable contour rubber grip which allows for a less fatigue over extended use.

Convenient location of the variable speed control trigger and forward and reverse switch permits one hand operation. This trigger incorporates an electric brake which stops rotation of the chuck instantly when the trigger is released. This is quite convenient when installing multiple screws or drilling holes. The trigger on Hitachi WR18DL 18-volt provides exceptional durability. Hitachi WR18DL 18-volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Wrench

The chuck is a 1/2-Inch square drive chuck for convenient installation of hex socket, durability and maximum chuck life. It provides high speed and high power with precision in a compact 6 x 17 x 27 inches length and 14.8 pounds package.

Its Cool Flow system provides a steady stream of air to the motor, allowing the impact to run harder and longer, decreasing the risk of burnout.

The battery pack fully charges in 30 minutes.

It's packed in a carrying box with handle along with a spare battery. So even if it does run out, you can just switch batteries and continue the job. Also, a quick charger is in the package.

This impact wrench will give you the power and features you need.