Power tools have been around for ages. However, just because of that fact doesn't mean that everyone knows how to use them properly. It is very important to use the proper power tool, i.e. proper power drill for the job. Some people may even feel that there is no need for them to learn how to use power tools. Actually, this may not be a problem because there are professionals who can assist. However, it is good to familiarize yourself with power tools since there are some simple jobs you can do yourself. In fact, there is one power tool that no man should be without. That tool is the power drill.

The Hitachi is one of the largest and longest established electronics manufacturers in the world. The corporation has very strict standards when it comes to quality. Its customers can enjoy the benefits of the service centers around the world. Hitachi Company was one of the first in the electronics industry to integrate a counterweight to absorb recoil and increase accuracy. The result is increased efficiency; the handling is significantly simpler. It is a safer and easier-to-control drill. Hitachi is one company that makes impact drivers more versatile by offering a regular drill chuck that slips into their standard impact driver tool.

Hitachi power drill can perform a variety of tasks like placing shelves, hanging artwork etc. Both power tool professionals and power tool amateurs will find them easy to operate and helpful. A durable and reliable cordless or corded drill is essential when you work a lot on various projects.

There is a variety of power drills available for different tasks. Hitachi has over 15 different drill models in their line of power tools, including DV18DL 18-volt Lithium-Ion 1/2-inch Cordless Hammer Drill and DS14DFL 14-2/5-Volt Lithium Ion Drill Kit. But we are going to look specifically at the DB3DL 3.6-Volt and DS14DL 14.4-Volt Li-Ion Cordless Driver Drill. Even though most jobs that require power drills require strength, there is no denying that handymen everywhere have found great relief in using these great power tools.

Hitachi DB3DL 3.6-Volt Li-Ion Cordless Driver Drill is a compact cordless power drill offering maximum reliability and durability. It is changing the concept of what was possible with a small and cheap cordless power tool. Thanks to super-abundance of power, strength, torque, extended battery life, and the ultimate durability this drill remains so popular. It is one of the fastest, most powerful small drills that ever hit the market. This tool has many advantages over the other power tools. This is result of high efficiency motors, variable frequency drive systems reduce energy demand, and 100% all metal gears. But the best tool is only as good as its battery. And Hitachi has even engineered those to outperform and outlast all of the competition in this area.

One of the most famous products developed and launched by Hitachi is DB3DL 3.6-Volt Li-Ion Cordless Driver Drill. It is not the smallest cordless drills currently available on the market. But measuring only 5 x 14 x 23 inches and weighing only 6.4 pounds it is a perfect example of a modern and high tech tool technology. The weight of the power drill is important. Straining too hard when lifting a heavy power tool can cause a back injury.
Hitachi 18v Hammer Drill
Unlike older cordless drills that took over an hour to charge, Hitachi's advanced battery technology rapidly charges in only 30 minutes and you can recharge batteries approximately 1300 - 1500 times. With these attributes drilling is easier and more proficient. It is great for light house jobs such as hanging wall decorations, building cabinets etc.

The drill itself is very powerful and can deliver up to 44 INLBS of torque to get effortlessly throughout most materials. The variable speed trigger makes it easy to control the speed. When you are drilling throughout harder materials, like concrete or hard metals, you will need to use slower drilling speeds. There is also a two position speed control on the top that offers 200 or 600 RPM for better control and to further adjust the drill speed. There is a speed ideal for drilling plastic, metal, concrete and wood.

Like many modern cordless drills, it has a white LED work light mounted just above the trigger. This light will never burn out and draws only minimal power. It even stays illuminated for about 10 seconds after you let go the trigger. It also features keyless chuck for easy and fast bit alterations.

These days' ergonomics are a big aspect of power tool design. Hitachi did a great job with the DB3DL 3.6-Volt Li-Ion Cordless Driver Drill. The drill is covered with a rubberized material that helps protect it from minor bumps and prevents accidental slips from your hand; particularly when your hands are sweaty or dirty. A rubber-wrapped handle also allows a firm grip and comfortable handling.

It includes two lightweight Two 1.5 Ah Lithium Ion batteries and a quick optimum charger. Overall, the Hitachi DB3DL 3.6-Volt Li-Ion Cordless Driver Drill is a remarkable drill. It is high tech, compact, powerful, and best of all, it is value priced!

With its DS14DL 14.4-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Drill Hitachi has gone to a totally new dimension in cordless power tools. It is so powerful it even matches the drilling performance of the strongest corded drill. Thanks to the lithium ion technology it is still handy, lightweight, and compact. It is designed for truly heavy duty applications delivering up to 460-inches-per-pound of torque, performing at a constant speed throughout the entire application. The 14.4 Volt Lithium Ion System offers more than just unmatched power at a comfortable weight. And keep in mind that you are buying rechargeable.

Just like DB3DL it features LED work light for excellent work efficiency in dimly lit places. This work light, combined with the drill's compact size, makes it effective in working on dark and narrow areas.

You can recharge the battery whatever the charge status without harming the cells. Its lithium batteries are great. They run longer, last longer, and give you more power than the old NiCad. The only downside is that during usage batteries often get too hot to be recharged immediately.