Professionals demand accuracy for their saws, whether they are installing crown molding or casing a door or window frame. Even the slightest imperfection can mean the difference between perfect or sloppy work.

Carpenters need a power tool that will work day after day. They need a durable machine. From reciprocating saws, orbital sanders, and cordless drills, there are many must have carpenter's tools. But the most important tool for the carpenter is a miter saw. It is good for making mitered cuts of all kinds. This power tool is mostly used for home improvement projects, woodworking, and construction. It is also necessary for building roofs and rafters. A wide assortment of cutting blades is available to allow the user to cut various types plastic, metal, and wood.

A miter saw is, at its most basic, a power tool, i.e. a large circular saw (usually a portable one) that makes smooth cuts quickly. So, a miter saw is basically a circular saw on steroids. It is the essential power tool for finish carpentry. Power miter saw is one of the handiest tools around. It is very popular with contractors mostly because of its portability. But the precision is what makes them so indispensable.

Hitachi designs and manufactures innovative cordless and corded power tools like drills, reciprocating saws, sanders, grinders, etc. One of their most popular line of products is the 18-volt cordless power tools line. These power tools are portable, offering freedom from electrical cords. All of the equipment in the product suite can use the same, interchangeable 18 volt battery.

Hitachi's line of power saws are among the finest on the market today. Their line of 8 inches miter saws are created lightweight and well balanced. Hitachi has over 16 different miter saw models in their line of power tools, including Hitachi C10FSH 10-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser and Hitachi C12LSH 15 Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter saw with Laser Guide and Digital Bevel Display. We are going to look specifically at the Hitachi C8FSE 8-1/2-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw.

Hitachi C8FSE 8-1/2-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw is one of the finest additions to the Hitachi miter saw family. It is the result of careful development and field research with building contractors and professional carpenters. Performance, serviceability, ergonomics, durability only scratches the surface.

You can miter all the way to 57 degrees to the right or 45 degrees to the left. And you can bevel 48 degrees to the left and 5 degrees to the right and lock it anywhere in between. TheHitachi Sliding Compound Miter Saw thumb-actuated positive miter stops allow for simple miter adjustments at the most common angles.

The best part of the this saw is the ability to cut large base or crown molding. Hitachi C8FSE has the capacity to cut up to a 2-9/16 inches high and 12 inches deep piece of baseboard. This 8-1/2-inch Hitachi saw has 4 positive miter stops. The markings are laser etched in so they are going to last the life of the saw. It helps make Hitachi miter saws the most accurate 8-1/2 inch miter saw on the market. And long term accuracy is the most important part of the miter saw.

It is 19 x 23 x 28 inches and only weighs about 45 pounds, so it is not too heavy when carrying it. As a matter of fact you can even store it in a gang box.

This Hitachi saw comes with a dust bag that you can attach to the port on the rear of the unit.

Other important features are: vertical handle with the soft foam grip around it, large pivoting fence and table, and a powerful 9.2-amp motor. This motor will not slow down even in the most complicated applications. It spins the 8-1/2-inch blade at a rate of 5,500 rotations per minute.