Was Nazi Germany Leading in Technologies ?

Now when the WW2 papers are being de-classified and being made available for public, un-expected things have come to light. It appears that most of the present day technological advancements owe their existence to Nazi Germany. Strange or unbelievable ? In recent years men like Vladimir Terziski have exposed a literal "vast right wing conspiracy" involving fascist military industrial fraternities in Germany, the United States of America, AND in Antarctica of all places... from where hard core fascists who still believe that Adolph Hitler was a god, continue to advance the technologies which began in the underground bases and concentration camps of World War II Germany.

Nazi Swastika(88411)Credit: beforeitsnews.com- GoogleOur moon program was basically founded on the research of ONE Nazi "rocket" scientist by the name of Werner Von Braun, however many do not realize that not only rocket propulsion but also anti-gravity propulsion was an integral part of the Nazi space projects. The Stealth jet was invented by Horton brothers in Germany 1930's. It took America over 50 yrs to figure it out and make their own replica. I think US made their first stealth in the 80's or 90's. They got the technology from the Germans after invading Germany in WW2. The Americans didn't invent it! Could the Nazi's have reached the moon prior to the USA? There are even reports of Nazi 'space' bases on the moon... and also of massive Nazi bases under the mountains of Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica...

An Alien Saucer Crash in Nazi Germany ?

Ten years before an alien craft crashed onto rancher Mack Brazel’s property near Roswell, New Mexico, a flying saucer lost control and crashed onto the countryside of Nazi Germany. This incredible story—covered-up by both the U.S. and U.S.S.R. for more than 70 years—is allegedly the actual basis for the Nazi’s intense research into wingless, disc aircraft; Hitler’s and Himmler’s near obsession with exotic technology and flying saucers; and the incredible experiments by S.S. physicists that culminated with flying saucers and the ‘Bell’—a bizarre multi-dimensional motor that neutralized gravity and ripped a gash into the very fabric of the time-space continuum creating incredible and horrific effects.

As more information comes in about the Rosewell incident  (See http://www.infobarrel.com/President_Eisenhower_Met_Aliens_Thrice ), we now know that three flying saucers crashed on that day and about four aliens were captured alive. Later some higher status aliens met President Eisenhower (thrice) and some kind of understanding was reached and as a result of that understanding (may be thousands of )Aliens to-day are working with Americans in a top secret location called Area 51. (see  http://www.infobarrel.com/Aliens_are_working_With_Americans_in_Area_51).

Fuhrer Assembles Teams For Re-Engineering

The exact information regarding the Nazi German crash of the flying saucer are not known. However, When word of the crashed disc made it’s way back to the German High Command and the report landed on the Führer’s desk, he immediately ordered elements of the Luftwaffe and Germany’s top aeronautical experts to sift through the remains. Ostensibly, the damaged saucer was moved into a warehouse facility under 24-hour guard near the Rhine. Some parts were also flown to a facility near the Austrian border. Allegedly, members of the teams that worked on the advanced alien technology were from the Luftwaffe, the Speer Ministry of Arms headed by Albert Speer, and the formal research council, the “Reichsforschungrat,” composed of university professors and industrial engineers.

Flying Saucer Re-EngineeringCredit: historum.com - GoogleThe teams were assembled to reverse engineer what was salvaged and among the experts called upon were the Horton brothers—who later designed and tested revolutionary flying wing aircraft and the world’s first stealth jet fighter-bomber. Some of their resulting technology may have been gleaned from intense study of the alien craft, or may be some aliens were actually co-operating , as they are doing to-day, although that cannot be proven. However, looking at the immense progress of technology in a very short period, there is a strong possibility of alien presence.

Alien craft spurred German’s engineering efforts

The capture of the alien flying saucer or disc was a big technological boost,  the research into circular aircraft had been going on as far back as the experiments in Italy before 1920 with crude jets attached to aerodynamic discs. The ET craft served to advance propulsion, electronics and provided clues to workable designs, but the scientists were at a loss regarding the metallurgy as the craft was composed of materials unknown to them and impossible to duplicate in the lab.  Some of Germany’s most advanced theoretical engineers and physicists were personally tasked by Hitler to get the technology working and make it available for the war effort. In that regards, geniuses like Ballenzo, Habermohl, Miethe and Schriever were recruited.

 Although the Nazi engineers and scientists built their first experimental saucers from light steel or Nazi Flying SaucerCredit: information2share.wordpress.com – Googleheavy aluminium, the steel still proved too heavy and the aluminium too soft and not tough enough to withstand the stress subjected to it when moulded into a lens-shaped craft. Frustrated scientists finally gave up trying to unravel the mystery of the alien metal and succeeded in creating their own version with an alloy of aluminium and magnesium in 1944. The new alloy was exactly what they needed to design bigger and better craft. The metal was light, yet more durable than simple aluminium. Still for some odd reasons, the Germans could never go for mass production of the flying saucers, and the German literature does not talk much about these saucers as they do talk about their other inventions.

Germany Ran Out Of Time

Germany SurrendersCredit: nashville247.tv - GoogleUndoubtedly, Germany’s super-weapons—specifically those they were perfecting in the closing months of the war—would have defeated the Allies and helped Germany conquer and rule Western and Eastern Europe, suppress the U.S.S.R., and keep America neutered—even with the new atomic weapon the U.S. had developed.

But the Germans ran out of time. Some argue that no matter what the Nazis had, they could not have staved off American atomic attacks. Yet evidence exists that in the final weeks of the war the Germans successfully detonated their own low-yield atomic bomb and that coupled with stealth aircraft, the imploder vortex motor, advanced television bombs, the hypersonic V-3 “Amerika Bomb,” and flying saucer fighters—ostensibly augmented with harvested alien technology—would have sealed the fate of the Nazi’s enemies.