In the ever growing world of making money on the internet, countless offers exist for consumers to make an extra dollar online.  Many are scams, and a few are not.  One such program is called Hits4Pay, which claims to be one of the best pay per click ad networks available on the internet.  I signed up for Hits4Pay sometime ago and will share my experiences below. 

The Basics

Every new member that signs up for Hits4Pay will automatically be credited with $10 to their account.  This may sound very enticing, but in order to hit your pay out level, you will need to reach an amount of $25 or above.  To get to this balance, you simply need to read advertisements on their webpage. 

Sounds easy, right?  Yes, and no.  Each advertisement that you view will automatically credit your account for two cents.  That means that you will have to view approximately 750 advertisements to get your first payout.  This is a very easy and mindless thing to do if you want to try to make a few extra dollars. 

To reach your payout levels more quickly, you can refer other people to Hits4Pay.  By sending out emails to friends with a referral code, Hits4Pay will know that you found them a new member and will credit your account for each advertisement that your friends view themselves.  If you get a handful of people to sign up who actually participate in viewing advertisements, your money could potentially pile up very quickly. 

The Tricks

When you sign up for Hits4Pay, you will be asked to fill out what your interests are, and the advertisements that you view will be based on the interests that you choose.  With this being the case, you will want to choose 15 interests, which is the maximum amount of interests possible.  This will increase the potential pool of advertisements for you to view and will increase your potential to earn some extra cash. 

If you want to try to get some referrals make sure that you do not send out any spam email.  Hits4Pay has a strict no spam policy, and your account will be shut down if you attempt to spam anyone. 

Is it worth it?

This program is not a scam.  You will get the money that you "earn."  But, you must realize that it is also not a quick way to make extra money.  You would probably be best looking somewhere else to make a few extra dollars, but it does not hurt to sign up for Hits4Pay.  If you are at all interested in Hits4Pay, feel free to sign up, but do not get too sucked in since it can take a long time to make any sort of significant money.