Hitting a target


I recently hit a target. I was so happy and had a warm glow inside.


What was the target?


As they say in all the business and motivational literature that I have read over the years, it met all of the key considerations.


It was an eminently SMART target.


It was Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant / Realistic and Timely.


What was it? Weight loss - perhaps one of the most important targets that people in the first world can be setting themselves.


Recent statistics for the UK, for example, show that one in ten of the population are likely to be obese by 2030. This is horrendous - not only for the people themselves, but the state of the nation's finances.


Here is the oficial definition of overweight -


An adult who has a BMI (Body Mass Index) of above 30.


I started with a BMI of about 27 (overweight). I am am now under 25 (no longer officially overweight).


And, yet, being overweight is so avoidable. I am no saint, and I have binge eaten (normally comfort eating or comfort drinking).


However, if you hit a target, the rewards are fantastic.


Here are a few -


  1. Simply feeling comfortable in my clothes - that shirt does not feel tight, the trousers feeling loose and as they were designed to be on the leg
  2. Being able to look into a window at my reflection and thinking - not too bad but there is still work to be done!
  3. Sitting still and feeling good
  4. Eating with absolute relish!


How did I hit my target?


Steady persistence is the answer. It is not the latest fad diet (of which there are many and they come and go like waves which die on the seashore). It is not picking up the supermarket's latest "lose 5 pounds in two days" or any of the exciting and compulsive offers. It is not seeing something on the TV and in true instant gratification style rushing out and get it. NO!


Steady persistence. The hare and the tortoise of children's book fame comes to mind.


I set my myself a target and steadily chugged towards it. Not like the latest fastest train, but a steady commuter line train, steadily beating a path towards its destination. Chug, chug, chug!


I also measured. I measured regularly at the same time. I got up and then weighed myself. Weight - tick. Body fat - tick. This from the bathroom scales. From my iphone pedometer app I noted down the number of steps covered, the number of calories consumed and how far I had walked.


Lots of numbers were then entered onto my ipad 2. And the numbers had me hooked. But even more hooked was I by the graph which showed my weight slowly but surely reducing. It was not a straight line path. But the trend is clear - for I am chugging towards a BMI of less than 24.9 (considered a healthy weight)


Dare to be steady. Dare to be persistent! Dare to be the tortoise!