Hockey Goalie Pads - Authentic Athletic Apparel

The keeper in ice hockey needs to protect the most precious piece of real estate on the entire ice. The goalie takes on aggressive slap shots making the right hockey goal pads essential. If the goalie does not have the proper pads, they are putting their body as risk of serious injury.

What Hockey Goalie Pads Are Necessary?

The main piece of goalie pads most people think of are the leg pads. They are what the goalie glides around on. There are different sizes, weights and padding thicknesses to choose from. Any goalie that plays a lot of organized hockey needs a decent pair of hockey goalie pads.

How Much Do Hockey Goalie Pads Cost?

The size of the pads will ultimately determine to final price. You may also choose to buy pads with a specific design or brand. Deciding to do each of those can swing the price of the pads as well.

Most hockey goalie pads at online retailers will cost between $700 and $1,400. They are usually a more expensive piece of sports equipment. Given the nature of hockey and how physical it is, its worth it.

You want to make sure you are well protected from the lashing of slap shots you'll get in net.

Where Can You Buy Hockey Goalie Pads Online?

It isn't always a preferred option to buy used hockey goalie pads. If you've ever worn goalie pads before you know how nasty they can get. They're sweaty, worn out and they get stored with other sweat logged equipment. Buying someone else's pads knowing they probably got the same treatment doesn't make buying used pads an attractive option.

You can look on eBay for used pads if you so choose. They are a huge online auction site that carries just about everything. Hockey goalie pads sell for a reduced rate and you might be able to find some good deals there.

There are hockey specific retailers on line that sell hockey goalie pads. You can find pads at sites like and more. You will probably want to know what kind of pads you're looking for though. YOu want to make sure you have the right fit. Buying your pads online won't allow you to try on the pads before you buy them.

If you want to find a pair of discounted pads you could go to an offline pro shop. Try the pads you want on there, make a note of what brand and size they are then go online. Find the same pads at an online retailer. Chances are they will be at a discounted price.

How To Pick The Right Hockey Goalie Pads

You want to make sure the pads fit your legs. They will be strapped in to your legs. They need to be the right size so you can remain limber and quick but you also want to be protected.

The bigger the pads you buy the more space they will protect however you are sacrificing some mobility and quickness. It all depends on what style goalie you are and what your strengths and weaknesses are.

If you are a quick butterfly goalie you probably want a bigger pair of pads that covers more space. You will be covering a lot of ground along the ice which translates into the goal being better protected. You're probably quick enough that buying a set of bigger pads won't hurt your overall performance too bad.

If you are a little slower goalie you want to buy a smaller set of pads. You need to be quicker and you want a pair of hockey goalie pads that helps you do that.

When you're picking out your hockey goalie pads you want to make sure you know your game and you know what you need. Find a pair of pads that exemplifies your strengths and lets you be the best goalie possible.