Hockey Players vs. Doctors

They punch, they push, and they put people in hospitals. Why are they paid so much? Hockey players should not be making $3 million a year while doctors make less. The money that hockey players make should go to hospitals, medical research facilities, or the doctors themselves, to benefit the general public instead of entertaining them. Doctors actually help people, whereas hockey players simply entertain them. Hockey players put people in hospitals, where the doctors then fix them up. Basic doctors have to go to university for 8 years and 2 years training (neurosurgeons who fix brain injuries go for min 16), while hockey players use physical attributes instead of hard work, intelligence, and perseverance, to make their money. Hockey Players are being paid way too much.

When you have a heart attack, who keeps you alive long enough to fix your heart? A doctor. Where would a treatment for your grandmother's cancer be discovered? A research facility. When you have a surgery and need to recover, where do you stay? The hospital. Medicine is such an important part of our lives, an essential part of our lives. Hockey is a luxury, it is entertainment. It does little to physically better your life. Why are hockey players being paid millions of dollars? They should not be paid so much for contributing so little to society…

Hockey players are stereotypically known for their aggressiveness, leading to fights on the ice. Many people have been placed in the hospital due to a hockey fight, and the hotheadedness of the players. They cost our government hundreds of thousands of dollars to support and treat the people they have injured. They take up bed space when in many places, there are not enough medical beds or resources in the hospital as it is! Doctors on the other hand, work horrible hours long into the night, away from their families, ruining their own health, fixing the mistakes that hockey players have made. They respond to emergencies, and save lives. Their job is very important to society.

To be a hockey player you practice, and practice, and practice. You don't need to go to university or college, you just have to train and be good. To become a basic doctor you and your family have to pay many thousands of dollars for a full 8 years of university where you have to work your but off, and study like a maniac until you have your degree. You then spend 2 years of grueling training with all the bad 18h shifts. When you finally go out into the real world to practice, you have to constantly pay to go back to school to keep up to date. At the very least, doctor's school loans should be covered by the government. Canada has a doctor shortage, and because of all the educational stress for not being paid enough, people are not studying to become doctors.

It makes sense in many ways to pay doctors more and hockey players less. Imagine you were hurt and you went to the hospital. What if the doctors weren't there because they weren't paid enough, or they couldn't afford to go to school to become a doctor? How would you feel about hockey players getting more money to physically exert themselves and entertain you on television? Hockey is just sport entertainment, right? We can learn to live without it, but could you learn to live without your heart, brain, or liver? You wouldn't care about watching hockey on TV if your eyes, brain, or heart failed and you couldn't watch it. When those things stop working, you turn to doctors, not your local hockey player. For the benefit of society, doctors need to be paid more and hockey players less.