Bending Spoons With My Mind

Motivationl Quotes

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard

The words we tell ourselves are extremely important. Negative self talk can hinder our progress in any endeavor. Motivational quotes that keep our heads in the right frame of mind makes a small difference to some, but to others, it is the most crucial factor in their overall success.


Also known as self-control, willpower is something of a conundrum to most of us. It seems that when we try to exert our willpower to carry out a goal, the situation gets worse instead of better.  Observing this fact over and over while doing his job, helping people manage stress and make healthy choices, Kelly McGonigal Ph.D. decided to create a class at Stanford University's Continuing Studies program called "The Science of Willpower". The results were amazing! The book The Willpower Instinct takes exercises from the course and what McGonigal learned from his students to help us do things that were almost impossible for us before. 


If a person doesn't exercise at all, just a little every day to start out with will improve how he or she feels. Exercising can also be broken down into short bursts of ten minutes or so throughout the day instead of done all at the same time.

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Proper Nutrition

Take a multivitamin along with eating two and a half cups of fruit and two cups of vegetables for a two thousand calorie diet. Stay away from sugar that isn't naturally occurring in foods such as fruits and substitute white breads with whole grain breads.

Rest And Breaks

Getting a good nights sleep, at least seven to eight hours a day, and taking breaks at regular intervals during the day helps the brain and the body work at optimal levels. This is something many of us are lacking, but we just can't tell how much that lack of sleep and replenishing breaks affects our performance.