Holiday Acres in Minocqua WI is one of the top places you should stop at if you are visiting Minocqua. You can go horseback riding, go carting, mini golfing, hang out at the arcade and eat ice cream. People of all ages are bound to love this exciting place

I have done all of the things here at Holiday Acres as Minocqua is a place we visit a lot during the summer months. They have pony rides for the little kids. The parent's can pull them along on the pony as they ride on the back. The nice thing about it is that you aren't stuck going around and around in a circle, because that gets pretty repetitive. You are allowed to go anywhere on the front grass, which leaves you a decently large space. This is exciting for both the parent and the child as you can get to know your horse personally. The horses are put in the stable and you can go up to them and pet them and feed them hay. The horses are very friendly and will let anyone pet them. I have pet horses in the past where they are very aggressive and try to bite, but not these horses. It is really a neat experience. If the kids are old enough they can go horseback riding on the wooded trails. The horses are really nice and trained very well. Another thing you can do is go-carting, where you can race your friends as you drive around the track. It is a great experience that will be sure to put a smile on your face. Mini golfing is another thing that you should make sure you do while you are there. They have a unique course with different obstacles you have to try to get around. If you just want to relax it is a nice area where you can enjoy ice cream and let your kids have fun. Usually grandparents will be hanging out near the ice cream stand waiting for their kids and grandkids to finish enjoying their fun.

The price of all of these attractions is very reasonable. Enjoying each and every event here is more adventurous and about the same price as you would spend in an amusement park. To save money you can eat beforehand or even pack a picnic to eat near your car. Some amusement parks are very strict about this and don't allow you to bring any food inside. You can enjoy just one event at a reasonable price or all of them for a reasonable set price as well.

I love Holiday Acres because a person of any age can fully enjoy it. The young ones can either go on pony rides and they are even allowed to go cart with a parent driving. As you get older you can enjoy driving a go cart by yourself. They allow kids to go cart at a relatively young age. You don't need to wait until you are 16 to get your license. What a great place!