Do you want a dining table that just radiates Christmas spirit? How about a sideboard that exudes Thanksgiving charm? You'll definitely need some holiday centerpieces to bring your home to life. You've got many options to choose from, whether you are looking to buy or design them on your own. Here you'll get some great ideas for some seasonal centerpieces, see some of the choices you'll find in stores, and even get some tips on crafting some on your own.

Holiday Centerpieces: From Thanksgiving To Christmas And Beyond

Worcester Wreath Cinnamon Stick 3 Candle Maine Balsam CenterpieceNo matter what the time of year, there's a holiday out there just waiting to be celebrated through decoration. Whether that's Easter, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, you're bound to want to bring the spirit of the season into your home. And one of the best ways to tie together any seasonal theme is through holiday centerpieces.

Holiday centerpieces come in many different varieties, but they have one thing in common. They utilize the colors, flowers, decorations, and icons of the special time they are celebrating. Perhaps it's the red, white, and blue of Independence Day, a flurry of pastels and spring flowers for Easter, or a cornucopia of fall leaves for Thanksgiving. Each holiday has something unique, and your holiday centerpiece is there to show it off and get family and guests in the holiday mood.

These decorations don't need to be limited to your dining room table. They can be used on mantels, sideboards, desks, and any other locale in your home that could use a touch of color during the season. They are an exceptional way to give your space a focal point - a place where all eyes journey to that raises the spirit of the moment at hand.

Types Of Holiday Centerpieces

Whether you are looking for Halloween or Christmas centerpieces, many of the basics are the same. Below are some of the most common choices to spark your thinking:

abundant autumn oak thanksgiving wreath(122299)Seasonal wreaths

Artificial Christmas wreaths with beautiful taper candles are a go-to holiday centerpiece during the winter season. But you can find great wreaths for other holidays, too. There are lots of Halloween and Thanksgiving wreaths available, many of which are great choices to use as centerpieces. Most feature the foliage symbolic of the time: evergreens for Christmas, colored leaves and corn for Thanksgiving, and mini-pumpkins for Halloween. They can create quite an ambiance wherever you place them.

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Halloween Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Lantern - (1 Single Lantern - Assorted Faces)(122301)Lantern centerpieces

Lanterns are a popular centerpiece choice no matter whether they are used as holiday centerpieces or not. But they can be quite beautiful when they feature colored candles that symbolize the seasons at hand or decorative imagery around the glass. Lanterns add a level of charm and coziness that is very powerful during the fall and winter holidays, and they also work great as outdoor centerpieces during the spring and summer holidays.

Willow Tree 12 Piece Nativity Set

Seasonal figurines

You can add a bit of story telling to your holiday centerpieces with figurines of the most important people and icons of the season. At Christmas this could be a beautiful nativity set or miniatures of Santa and his reindeer. At Halloween, perhaps it's lighted Jack-o-Lanterns or ceramic skeletons. There's a ton of options, meaning there's lots of room to use your imagination here!

Gifts & Decor Sunfire Decorative Glass Vase CenterpieceHand blown glass vases with seasonal flowers

There are few holiday centerpieces as classic and beautiful as hand blown vases. You can find them in colors that perfectly work with the season at hand, and when you pair it with flowers that match the holiday, you've got something really special. Holly branches at Christmas, roses at Valentine's Day, and tulips or daisies at Easter are all great choices.

Kurt Adler Battery-Operated Cherry Blossom with White LED Light BranchTwig lights

A surprisingly festive and beautiful centerpiece choice, twig lights placed in a tall holiday-colored vase can really draw the eye. They come in many styles, including those that look like springtime buds about to bloom and wintry strands perfect for creating unique geometric shapes. They make for some of the more unique holiday centerpieces you'll find. 

Tabletop Christmas trees

Obviously, these are specific to Christmas only, but they're one of the more beautiful holiday centerpieces you'll find for the biggest holiday of the year! Tabletop Christmas trees can act as miniature versions of your main holiday tree, pulling your Christmas decor all together in a fun way. 

Design Your Own Holiday Centerpieces

If you are into arts and crafts, you can even design your own handcrafted holiday centerpieces. They add that personal touch that's so lovely during these special times. You can pick up inexpensive glassware like hurricane vases or even some mercury glass pieces and pair them with all sorts of holiday crafts of your creation, whether it's homemade ornaments or hand-colored Easter eggs. You can mix a standard pillar candle with cuts of foliage from around your home. You could even turn lamp centerpieces into four-sided photo holders featuring holiday shots that you've taken yourself.

Whether you're looking to buy the perfect holiday centerpieces or design your own, they'll be sure to liven up your home. You'll be surprised at how these simple focal points on your tables and surfaces can add to the festiveness of every holiday throughout the year.