How To be Stress Free During Christmas

Whatever you dream, you can certainly create. Gone are the days of cotton wool on Christmas tree leaves. Begin by choosing a christmas theme which determine the ornaments and colors you will use to decorate your home. For a traditional white christmas, use silver, gold, green and red. For uniformity, choose a color scheme that complements your existing decor and repeat it in every room of your home. If the thought of a unique Christmas inspires you, decorate with Maasai cloth, wooden or banana fiber moulded figure and beaded ornaments for your tree.

The Christmas tree is usually the heart of festive decor and by putting it up, most families praise the beginning of the season. If you opt for a live tree, buy one with healthy green appearance, firm leaves and keep it hydrated so it lasts until the New Year. Artificial trees, which can be recycled come in different sizes. Christmas trees can be made from dried tree branches, mesh wires and banana fiber. Your tree is the focal point so keep it in a prominent place in your home. Decorate it from the top working your way down. Shop Amazon's Christmas Corner - Holiday decor, tableware, and entertainment and start with the lights, bands of flowers, large ornaments and then fill out the empty gaps with smaller ornaments.

The traditional spaces for Christmas decor are usually fireplace mantles, windowsills and staircases. Ties bands of flowers along the staircase railings. You can place them at intervals with bowls, bells or stars. If children's safety is not a concern, even a string of Christmas lights will do wonders on the railing.

Window ledges offer opportunity for placing the virgin birth of Jesus Christ scenes. Buy figures of animals and people and create your scene. Unlit candles on window ledges are another attractive option. Even a star or simple bow hang from the pelmet will spread Christmas cheer. Fireplaces and mantles can be strung with bands of flowers, bows and other festive ornaments.

Your dinning table will usually be the first place where family and friends will gather to celebrate the season. As such, it deserves special significance. Add Christmas decorations on your table setting. You can even place different colored trinkets on plates. Use fresh fruit, flowers or even just a glass bowl with floating candles as a center piece. Light candelabra and use bright placemats and table runners for your table setting.

Also, you need to create a warm welcome for family and friends by decorating your garden, front yard and front door. If you live in a secure neighbourhood, hang fairy lights in trees but make sure they are meant for outdoor use and avoid leaving them out in wet weather. You can also hang candles lit lanterns in branches of trees. You can do this the week of Christmas. Potted poinsettia plants also create a colourful welcome when placed outside your front door. Your front door deserves attention with a bow.

To avoid stress during this special holiday, here is a guide to a stress free Christmas.

December 13 - 20:

  • Make a card and gift list of friends, relatives, colleagues and business associates.
  • Shop for christmas cards, preferably charity cards. Even better, make your own. Shop for or make gifts.
  • Clean your house thoroughly and prepare your home for the season. Decorate your home garden and Christmas tree.
  • If you are entertaining, shop for dry foodstuffs and drinks to avoid a last-minute rush. Also, buy paper plates and cups to reduce on washing up.
  • Plan holiday parties and menus. Cook and freeze as much as possible, especially if you won't be having your house help during the holiday.
  • Play christmas music to get everyone in the mood.

December 20 - 25:

  • Order the Christmas cake or bake one.
  • Make last-minute food preparation such as marinate the chicken and stock up on perishables. Make sure you have enough ice cubes if you will be serving drinks.
  • Send a gift to someone who isn't expecting one. A child at an orphanage or an elderly relative. Send out last-minute wishes on SMS.
  • Keep your camera ready to capture holiday moments.
  • Attend a carol service or borrow Christmas DVD movies.
  • Honour the season and enjoy the day with your nearest and dearest.