So the holidays have just ended and are all your decorations are still up? Do you want to be the only person left that has them still up when March arrives? So after the holidays and the celebrations have ended, do yourself a favor and clean up quickly. 

 Its Over

 Many people are a tad bit sad when the holidays have ended. But don’t get too emotional, they will be back next year.  And by keeping your decorations up, you not going to make it any easier. So look forward to the new year and and prepare yourself for a big cleanup.

 Don’t Rush 

 Most people don’t enjoy cleaning. And why should they. But don’t just throw everything in one box and call it a day.  If you take some extra time and stay organized, it will make setting up next year much easier.

 The first step you should take is to acquire some bins where you will store all of your decorations until you will need them next year. Either label them or identify them by the color of their lids. Clear bins will also work so you can see whats in them without having to remove the tops. And store your tree decorations in ornament boxes.

 Recycle The Gift Wrap

 Don’t toss your wrapping paper. As long as its in good condition, you can reuse them again next year. Be extra careful with the wrapping paper and make sure you don’t wrinkle or tear it  You can keep your folding bags and remove all of the bows too.  Gift boxes can also be used again the following year.

 Its About Next Year

 Remember that the more time and planning you take in storing, organizing, and taking down the decorations this year, the easier it will take to set them up next time.  Check your lights for any dead bulbs. You can replace them now or just label them so you will know for next year. Take your time with the strings so there are not any hard to remove knots.

 The Greenery

 Your city may come by and pickup your trees and wreaths. See if there is curbside pickup.