Picking the right holiday clothes for women can be a lot of pressure. It can also be expensive. You may only wear a dress on the holidays so you want to make sure that you invest in the right piece. Here are some budget saving tips to look great on the holidays, whether it's Easter or Christmas.

Change up the colors and prints. When you get dressed for Easter you'll probably see a lot of polka dot suits that you wouldn't wear any other time of the year. There is nothing magical about a holiday that instantly makes an outfit look good. The same goes for floral prints. You might end up looking like a four year old instead of a sophisticated forty year old. An easy way to get around this is to mix and match pieces for a one of a kind look. There is no right or wrong way to dress for the holidays as long as you look good. You might want to just dress up instead of dress in a costume.

Find colors that flatter you. Yes, you're supposed to wear red on Valentine's Day and green on Saint Patrick's Day. There is no rule that says what color of red or green you are supposed to wear. Try changing things up by going with a red and black outfit for more of a daring Valentine's Day look. You can also use a softer shade of green or find a very muted shade of gray that has a touch of green in it. You'll be the only one who doesn't look tacky at the Valentine's Day parade.

Go for a special occasion look. This will add elegance and simplicity to the holidays. You can get a spring time look with a slip dress or an ivory lace skirt. The best part of this is that you can wear the pieces again because they don't scream "Hi, I was bought for Easter". You can have a brain freeze when shopping for women's holiday clothes and that mistake will be tucked in the back of your closet for years to come. Instead, think about doing an "Ode to the Holidays" look. You could just get a shimmery dress but in a flattering shape and color. You'll still look dressed up but you'll also stand out in a room of people who are all trying to dress the same. (Most of them are doing this rather unsuccessfully)

Learn how to accessorize that little black dress. You might not be able to afford a different outfit for every holiday. Instead, use what you've got. Start off with a basic outfit like a black dress or even blue jeans and a white shirt. Glam it up with chunky gold bracelets and layer several necklaces for a touch of glamour. Then break out a pair of red heels and a gold handbag and you've just achieved a chic festive look. You can also create a casual look that is still a little special by adding red velvet or a ruffle scarf for Valentine's Day.

Skip the cliché sweaters and jewelry. Your husband is probably going to remember that it's Christmas even if you aren't wearing candy cane earrings. Sure, in some areas this might seem festive, but it can also make you look older or even tacky. A plain red sweater will look hotter than all of the snowflake and Santa embellishments in the world.

Consider your body shape. This is one of the first rules of shopping but somehow it seems to be forgotten when it's time to buy a dress for a Christmas party. Once you open up the color palette you're working with it really allows you to find something that is flattering. You can always just clip a few poinsettias on your bag or in your hair to give your favorite dress that holiday look.

Add in personality. You are more than a woman going to a holiday party. Think about the kind of stuff that you naturally gravitate towards. If vintage is your thing then don't give up until you find the perfect 50's inspired dress. Add that glamorous Old Hollywood feeling with red lipstick, wavy hair and a fake fur wrap or coat. You may never get to walk the red carpet so take advantage of every opportunity you get to dress up.

You can even have a little punk or emo look going depending on how you accessorize a basic Easter dress. Add your favorite black jacket and high heels to create a look that is uniquely yours. Instead of going with a cutesy dress look for a piece that is either gray or lavender with a lot of gray in it. You'll still work with springtime motifs but you won't be overly cutesy. This will keep you looking chic instead of frumpy. Then later on when you look back on your holiday photos you'll be glad that you took chances instead of just throwing on something kitschy.

You might want more neutral pieces in your wardrobe. Some women just aren't comfortable wearing a lot of color and that's ok. You can still make a basic wardrobe special enough for holiday wear. A trendy way around this is with the use of metallic fabrics. A gold, silver or white dress will have you standing out at almost any event but it doesn't have to be too loud. Keep the rest of your accessories simple so the entire ensemble isn't overpowering. If these colors still seem too bold then look for champagne hues. It will seem like a sparkly version of taupe so you can stand out and blend in at the same time.

Remember that when you are shopping for the holidays you are still shopping for you. Sure, you want to be appropriate for the occasion but you also want to look your best. You can also transition your special occasion pieces into everyday work wear to really get the most out of your wardrobe. Find pieces with an added touch of glamour that you can also use for everyday wear to maximize your money.