Holiday coffee, freshly brewed, adds a little extra something to the holidays. You know the sensation that you get - the one that says the holiday's are really here - when you see Santa and sleigh bells decorating the windows of major departments stores - well these gourmet holiday coffees can bring that same feeling home. Whether you are entertaining the idea of making coffee gift baskets or simply wanting to wake up to your favorite holiday aroma's holiday coffees may be just what you are looking for.

Holiday Coffee Flavors

Generally you can find holiday coffee in your regular grocery store alongside the fresh grind or freshly ground coffees. Selections will vary by store and sometimes be more readily available during the holiday season.. However, often you can find a broad assortment of flavors year round including some of the following: Hazelnut, peppermint, candy cane, Ginger Bread, Cinnamon, Vanilla Nut and other great winter tastes.

Creating your own Coffee gift Baskets

You can search online and find dozens of different pre-made coffee gift baskets to buy or to save a few dollars and put your own spin on it you can create your own. All you need to do is pick up a few of your (or their) favorite holiday coffee flavors. You can purchase these often by the cup, the pot or in larger quantities - the choice is yours. You can also take advantage of the variety packs (like those listed below). Next pick up a special coffee cup or two - even better if you can find a way to personalize it or pick out one that best fits the personality of the friend you will be giving it to. Then pick out some little extras - or garnishes if you will. Some suggestions could be: individual packaged biscotti's, fresh cinnamon sticks, miniature candy canes, gourmet cocoa and or a pocket sized coffee lovers recipe book. All that is left to do is find a cute basket, place the items inside and throw on a bow or some clear or colored cellophane wrap and ta-da - you have personalized coffee gift baskets.

For smaller coffee gift baskets you can simply place one to two flavored coffees (packaged) into a coffee cup, add one of your extra's and wrap. These can be great to give for co-worker gifts.

Individual Variety Packs

There is an enormous and what seems ever-growing number of coffee flavors designed with the holidays in mind. If you have thoughts of putting together or creating coffee gift baskets to give out during Christmas time consider mixing and matching a variety of flavors. Each different coffee flavor will give off its own special holiday aroma when brewed so let the ones you love enjoy them all. Below you will find just some of the variety packs and holiday coffee samplers that are available.

Coffee Masters

Coffee Masters offers a "12 Coffees of Christmas" variety pack and just a few of the delicious sounding holiday java creations they provide are:

  • Cinn Ful Nut
  • Dark Chocolate Decadence
  • Caramel Kiss
  • Double Vanilla Creme
  • Hazelnut
  • Turtle Sundae
Arbuckles variety coffee

Arbuckle's currently has a Holiday Sampler available packed full of flavors that just scream Christmas. Now don't these sound festive?:

  • Roasted Chestnut
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Ginger Bread
  • Egg Nog

These little gifts are ones that will get noticed and are always appreciated. Whether you take the time to create your own holiday coffee masterpieces or opt to buy one pre-made your coffee gift baskets will be a hit.