Holiday Cookies

There are many ways to make holiday cookies and have a large variety of them without even baking some of them. If you're like me, pressed for time often, don't worry about it. You can have highly decorated cookies mixing homemade and store bought cookies.





Make it a family event. Invite your mom, sister, brother (yes some men like to bake cookies) and recruit all your kids to help in the baking of the Christmas cookies. Of course, as a reward, you will have to give up a few cookies but the losses shouldn't be that much. Just allow for the losses by making extra. Make Eggnog and hot chocolate for the occasion.



Organize a cookie exchange. Send out invitations to all your baker friends. Make sure everyone bakes a dozen cookies per person. If the party is very large you can split this in half as it would be too much work per person. Serve refreshments and then allow each person to choose 1 dozen of each of the cookies. For larger parties, you may have to adjust this figure. This will enhance your variety of cookies that you have for Christmas.

Easy Holiday Cookies

If you don't want to organize your own cookie exchange, then look for one going on at workplace or at your local church. You can usually find these in community events in local newspapers.



Buy store bought butter or sugar cookies. You can have lots of fun decorating these types of cookies. You can dip them in chocolate. You can dip them in white or milk chocolate and add sprinkles, jimmies, and any kind of cookie toppers. Try topping them with icing in Christmas colors. You can even add M&M's and chocolate chips on top. You could add gumdrops dipped in chocolate to hold it on the cookie. Be creative and visit the candy aisle to see what sparks your interest!



Another good way to boost your holiday cookies supply for the holiday season is to buy containers of cookie dough already mixed. There are lots of schools which sell cookie dough during this time of year. You could be helping your local school raise money and at the same time, saving yourself some time. I have to say these cookies are, in my experience, pretty good and they usually have some highly unusual kinds of cookies besides the usual.




Warning: Hide all your cookies in a safe place until Christmas!