The winter holiday season is just the right time to welcome family and friends to your newly decorated holiday home.

But before you start designing your holiday decor, be sure to examine your own decorating style by looking around your home to discover anything you can re-purpose. Whether decorating your home for any holiday, don't forget to add a touch of sparkle and glamour to the mantel. White and silver candles or live potted plants bring a touch of understated elegance.

Crafting a warm and beautifully decorated home for the holidays can start by showcasing the modern dining room furniture with a glamorous makeover. You may wish to hang oversized glass ornaments from the chandelier with ribbons and be sure to vary the lengths. Or possibly by adding a silver table runner to create an elegant center and by adding a layer of fresh eucalyptus branches or cinnamon-scented pine cones which will fill the room with a fresh, clean scent.

Each holiday may require the use of specific colors, for example, Easter colors are traditionally pastel while Christmas colors are typically red and green. Matching the holiday accessories to the style of the interior decor, is an important way to create a unified space.

Modern furniture

For the next holiday season, light up your home with a unique color scheme. Think about a blue, white and silver wreath or dangle strings of white and blue icicle lights from the table edges. Sparkling white is one of the most popular choices when it comes to modern furniture. For example, a clear glass bowl filled with glass ball ornaments could provide a modern centerpiece for the modern dining room furniture.

The key to crafting any modern holiday decor is to choose simple color combinations that appear joyful. A large square, clear glass vase filled with cranberry bean-covered branches may provide a bright centerpiece for a modern furniture theme. And for a touch of icy elegance, think about combining icicle shapes and a variety of hues to a modern Christmas theme.

To get inspired with more home interior decor plans choose a theme that will pull the whole house together. For example, add light strings around the interior windows and look for items that will complement your existing furnishings, colors and holiday theme. A real or artificial wreath will brighten up the front door whether your furnishings are modern or traditional. Another fun idea is to use food items such as colorful candy canes.

No holiday dinner would be complete without an elegant modern dining room furniture table setting. Simply add glamour, drama and style to your home's decor with assorted glass ornaments, festive place mats and oversized faux gems.

Christmas decor tips:

* Display a collection of nativity scenes from different ways of life.

* Cut snowflakes from white paper and hang in all your interior windows.

* Create a cookie wreath centerpiece for your modern dining room table.

* Wrap indoor lights around the banister or a railing or wrap a table in festive wrapping paper.

* Dress up the modern furniture with a red, green or white tablecloth and sprinkle with sparkles. Spruce up plain red or green bath towels with Christmas ribbon using a hot glue gun.

Continue a strategy to beautify your home interior decor by using cardboard furniture cut-outs for arranging furniture pieces. For example, placement of living room furniture should center around a focal point which may be a fireplace or large window.

Questions to ask about living space:

* What events take place in each room?

* Do you know your style?

* Decide what furniture you like and then decide what furniture to get rid of.

* List colors where you could develop a color scheme.

Don't forget to plan a holiday decorating budget so you know what you need, including great bargains up to 75 percent to 80 percent off retail prices after the holiday sales.

Rather than spending hundreds of dollars, be crafty and buy fabric and use them as table linens. Build your own topiary and spray paint inexpensive baskets gold or silver and fill them with pine-cones and other seasonal decor. You may also choose to create candy topiaries. Simply add Christmas-colored candies such as red and white mints to foam topiary forms with quick-dry glue.

From holidays such as Easter or Passover to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, everyone ought to get inspired with decorating ideas to celebrate their unique traditions.