There are plenty of events and attractions in the different states of the USA that someone can take part in or visit for fun during a holiday or even a vacation. Actually, some people travel from other continents to the USA just to be part of the events and to see the different attractions.

Here are some of the attractions that you might want to visit in the country.

A)   The White House – This is the office of the President of the United States as well as his official residence. It is a building that has stood for more than 200 years since its construction and it has a breath taking view. In your list of the events and attractions to visit in the country, this should undoubtedly be one of them. However, due to terrorist threats this visit is requested six months in advance via an Ambassador or a Congressman.

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B)   Denali National Park – This is an attraction that is found in the state of Alaska where you will find North America’s highest mountain, Mount McKinley. In addition, you will have the opportunity to see a great wilderness in which you can see plenty of wildlife like bears and wolves.

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C)   Las Vegas – This is the one city found to the South of the Nevada desert in which you can live a life of fantasy. It is the place every great gambler wishes to visit at least once in a lifetime. In the city you will find plenty of events and attractions to engage yourself especially if party life is your passion.

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D)   Niagara falls – This is a natural attraction in both the New York state and Ontario province. It is a made of three falls: the American, Bridal veil and Horseshoe Falls.

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E)   Golden Gate Bridge – This is one of the attractions in the USA that has most probably featured in most movies. For example, The Rise of the Apes movie which was released earlier in the year 2011 is a good example. It is the world’s longest suspension bridge that has a unique red-orange color and it connects San Francisco to Marin County.

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Events in USA

Since a vacation will be complete only when you both participate and visit different holiday events and attractions in the USA, here are some of the events you might want to witness:

a)   St. Patrick’s Day – These are celebrations held in the month of March and will include festivals and parades across cities.

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b)   Memorial Day weekend – This is an event that takes a number of days in May and it is intended to remember and commemorate the military people who die while on duty. In addition, it signifies the beginning of the summer season.

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c)    Celebrations on the fourth of July – This is the day that the US celebrates its Independence. The outstanding events and attractions of the day include some amazing fireworks, home town parades meant to show patriotism and festivals on the streets.

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It is always good to confirm the events planned for the day before you can decide on which activity to take part in during the day. The list of these events and attractions in the USA is in no way complete.