Gift giving doesn't have to be stressful. There might be a few people on your holiday list that don't really need anything. You can check out unique gift options at stores like and Jackson & Perkins.

Personalized Presents

Personalized presents ensure that your gift is unique. This could be a simple monogram on towels or a handmade luggage tag. You can also get name necklaces in sterling silver or 14 karat gold. Another option is to create a present out of a favorite photo. Make sure that it matches the recipient's decor by going with a pop art style for contemporary homes. You can have wedding pictures printed on canvas. Make several albums using fun scrapbooking supplies to give away to family and friends.

Problem Solving Presents

When you consider present ideas, think about things the recipient complains about. If it's something like a small kitchen, then look for china storage boxes or pantry organizers. A projection alarm clock shows the time on the ceiling or wall and it's a tech gadget that a lot of people don't have.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates travel well and you can get the items in varying dollar amounts. It can lack a little bit of originality even though it does ensure that the person gets to choose their own present. Put extra thought into it with your wrapping. You can get gift certificate holders made out of cardboard and ribbon that will disguise the present. You can also look for inexpensive spa or manicure certificates for extra pampering. Find local restaurants in the area that might be a little bit different or more expensive than the recipients would usually go to. This allows you to give a new experience.

For kids or teens, you can look for a gift card puzzle. You can lock in a gift card and the recipient has to solve the puzzle or maze to get it out. This is interactive while still being easy to find.

Floral Arrangements and Treats

If you don't want to worry about holiday shipping costs or you need a last minute present, then consider online delivery sites. You can find a lot of these items at floral boutiques. This also works well if your family lives in a different area. You can send your present beforehand if you want to include a holiday motif. This could be a miniature Christmas tree, fir wreath, Christmas cactus or Amaryllis. You can also send towers of popcorn or candy.

Craft Gifts

You can also give craft kits as presents. This way the recipient can build or decorate the piece so that it matches their decor. It can also turn into a family project. This might include a gingerbread house. A kit should have all of the candy, frosting and precut slabs of gingerbread for easy assembly.

Give presents that can spark interest in a new hobby. Knitting looms allow beginning knitters to quickly and easily create hats or scarves. You can also give an instruction manual or book as well as yarn. Calligraphy sets are inexpensive and can work for adults or kids. Find kits with items that kids can paint such as birdhouses.