Got a gamer to shop for this holiday season? You feel like you should get them a game, but have no idea what they would like. Should you buy a shooter or an RPG? Why not try something other than a game? These gift ideas are from the classic games that every gamer knows and loves. Some of them make great gifts on their own and others are perfect for stocking suffers.

The cool items below do not matter if your gamer is the fan of the game or not, they will know some of these iconic things. You are guarenteed to thrill with some of these great gift ideas.

triforce lamp

Triforce Lamp

Price: $95.99

This gift is by far the priciest on the list, but it is also one of the coolest thing ever. With a $95 price tag, this near foot long Triforce from the Legend of Zelda game series can light up any gamers dungeon. It also makes a fine night light for said gamers' children if they have any.

This lamp can be left on the table, as shown, or hung up on the wall to create a lovely ambiance to any room.

portal bookends

Portal Bookends

Price: $29.99

You do not need to enjoy the video game Portal to enjoy these bookends. These are perfect for the gamer that needs bookends to hold up their books. More likely they will need Portal bookends to hold up their massive amount of games.

They are a great conversation pieces and just pretty fun to stare at as you reminisce about all the bad times you had being abused in Portal.

xbox soap

Xbox Soap

Price: $8.99

Have you ever been in love with your console? Had candlelit dinners with it? Held it in your arms? Wanted wash it in the shower? Well you cannot wash your console in the shower. BUT NOW! Your console can wash you in the shower. That's right, that deceptively realistic picture about is of soap. Apparently Mountain Dew scented soap that looks like a video game console.

If you are wondering the logistics of washing yourself with a giant Xbox, do not worry about it so much, it is not to scale.

Murloc stein

Murloc World of Warcraft Stein

Price: $69.99

This is a gift for the World of Warcratf player in your life. Whether they vibe with the Alliance or the Horde, either side can enjoy this Stein. Everybody knows no matter which side you take, you all bow down to King Mrlrglrl.

The Stein is a fine grain stoneware with a real pewter Stein lid. The artwork is vibrant and extremely colorful. It is so beautiful, gamers will want to drink every drink from it.

Now they just need to make a Hogger Stein.

life bar necklace

Glowing Life Bar Necklace

Price: $16.99

Let your gamer show their vitality with this life bar necklace. The best thing is that it really glows. After being exposed to sunlight, this life bar will light up the dark. It is not the best piece of bling for playing hide and seek in the dark, but how often do people do that, really?

umbrella corp cufflinks

Umbrella Corporation Cufflinks

Price: $15.99

Nothing completes a good suit like a pair of fine cufflinks. Sure diamond cufflinks show off your wealth, but you know what shows off wealth better? Sporting the Umbrella Corporation logo. I mean, seriously, they unleashed a zombie plague on the world. This obviously makes them the most successful corporation ever.

let your gamer aim for the sky and show off their affiliation. Let everyone know that if they mess with them while they are suited up, they could unless Umbrella Corporations darkest secret upon the world.

tyrael decal

Diablo III - Tyrael Video Game Vinyl Deacl Sticker

Price: $29.95

Some men like to put deacls of football players or cars on the walls of their man caves. Gamers would much rather have the fallen angel Tyrael from the Diablo franchise donning their walls. It's not some tiny thing either. It is a 26" by 22" tattoo for the gamers' wall.

It is made from waterproof vinyl that has a 5 year indoor and outdoor durability. Of course it is recommended that you not install these on brick, stucco, concrete block, suede paints, and sand paints. However, it has a residue free adhesive that will not damage paint when removed.

mass effect nerf gun

Mass Effect Nerf Gun

Price: $39.99

You are never too old to enjoy a good nerf gun. That is a fact. This Nerf Maverick Rev-6 nerf gun is hand painted and fully functional in the steampunk style with the Mass Effect N7 Marines logo on the side. It is the perfect complement to any Mass Effect costume, or just a good shelf piece.

It comes fully loaded with nerf darts so your gamer can start nailing people into the face right after it comes out of the box.

zombie charm bracelet

Zombie Plan Charm Bracelet

Price: $16.99

Not all charm bracelets have to be all hearts and butterflies. This one is perfect for both gamer girls and gamer boys. This silvertone T-bar fastened bracelet comes with every charm pictured about for the low price of 16 bucks, plus shipping. Do not be confused though, the charms on the bracelet that look like they should work, like the compass, do not actually work. they just look pretty badass.

pokemon headphones

Pokeball Headphones

Price: $59.99

No gamer gift list can be complete without some sort of pokemon item. There are tons of shirts, and glasses, and various other Pokemon items, but this one is the coup de gras. Let your gamer be the envy of everyone with these Pokemon headphones.

These handpainted headphones are guarenteed to never crack or peel with their sealed acrylic paint.

But how are the headphones? Top notch.

Size: 6,2cm Earcup diameter
Type: 40mm power drivers
1kHz sensitivity: 110 dB
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Frequence range: 20-20 000 Hz
Plug: 3.5mm stereo
Cord: 1.5m
Suitable for Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad, MP3/MP4 players, CD players, etc.