Having guests over for the Holiday's often means friends and family coming over for the fun, food and festivities and then returning home. But if they intend to stay for awhile then you need to make room and do some touching up to ensure you provide suitable guest accommodations. To help you better prepare for your visitors here is some easy to follow advice and some specific suggestions to help ready your home.

Overnight guest accommodations are obviously going to consist of a place to sleep. Now for close friends and family a pull out couch may be suitable but for optimal comfort give them a room to themselves – it is a host-worthy act of kindness.

guest bedroom

To prepare the bedroom(s), and create a trip worthy experience, make sure the room you are providing is clean and presentable, first and foremost. Next, you will want to make sure that you have freshly laundered bedding waiting to greet your guests as they crawl into bed. It is also a nice touch to add a touch of color by placing a vase of freshly cut flowers on the dresser or nightstand. If at all possible providing a room with its own private bathroom would be optimal – for both comfort and convenience.

Sitting area

A sitting room designed for relaxing and comfort is a great way to get started on preparing your house. Guests rarely show up with intentions of spending their time locked up in their rooms and will often enjoy simply sitting, relaxing, watching tv or having a conversation.

To make this an easy task for both you and your company provide comfortable seating that can accommodate everyone in the home. Choice is always good so if available a couch and chairs is best.

guest bathroom

Bathroom preparation is another key feature in readying your home and preparing guest accommodations. Be courteous and add a clean towel or two to each bathroom especially for your guests. This will ensure your company does not need to go awkwardly digging through closets and cupboards should they choose to hop in the shower.

With the same thought in mind be sure that there are plenty of toiletry essentials available to your visitors. Some suggestions on items to be sure are available are: toilet paper, hand and body soap, shampoo and conditioner, new travel toothbrush (in case they forgot their own), toothpaste and towels.

breakfast time

To prepare for the morning a welcome greeting in the morning when they arise is always a great way to add a smile to each new day but a freshly brewed cup of tea or coffee and a homemade breakfast helps too. If you are not an early morning riser then to best set up your guest accommodations have their morning needs covered.

All you really need to do is just be sure that your company has easy access to breakfast type foods; this simply means keep your cupboards and fridge stocked and have foods and cooking essentials (pots, pans, coffee filters, etc) within sight for those not so familiar with their surroundings.

Some suggestions for food to have available would be the following: bread, eggs, bagels, croissants, orange juice, coffee, tea, jam/jelly and fresh fruits.

Sight Seeing

Entertainment is another must have when it comes to planning 5 star guest accommodations. If you do not plan to participate in any outdoor or indoor events or festivities yourself then be sure to have some movies and/or games on hand or prepare a list of things to do around town. While life may prevent you from being able to enjoy some extra fun time your guests are not limited by those same factors so ensure this is truly a trip to remember.

Some fun and or relaxing activities and event suggestions that you can use to create an entertaining list for your friends and family are: movies and/or theaters, parks, malls, board games, books, spas, special and/or local attractions, museums, zoos or local age appropriate clubs.

Traansportation for guests

Transportation if applicable is another feature that makes for an ideal visit. If you are comfortable providing transportation whether by being available to drive your guests or loaning them your car that is usually a cost effective way to ensure your guests save a little cash for having fun. If you are not in a position to offer chauffer like services then have numbers ready by the phone for local cabs, taxi's or car rental services.

This may initially seem like a lot of work to have to go through but trust me it really is not and the longer the stay the easier it is for both host and company. Taking the measures to prepare will also help make it a good experience for your company and you will come away feeling great knowing that the guest accommodations that you provided were five star all the way!

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