Holiday Hiring

Holiday Hiring

As the holidays approach, many businesses will need to increase their staffing requirements to fulfill the busier schedule, meet customer needs and to increase sales and profitability. Often times, a business will try to maintain their current staffing to save costs of additional help only to turn away disgruntled customers that didn't have their needs met. Do yourself and your business a huge favor and start your holiday hiring early, the increased costs will pay for itself in the long run.

If you're in need of additional help to get you to profitable holiday sales, get started early and find the best people qualified for the positions that you will have available.

What Positions Should You Fill for Holiday Hiring?

Customer Service: Depending on your business, you'll most likely need additional staff to help with customer service. During the holidays, customers have so much to do and they want and need businesses that will help them get their shopping done efficiently, get their questions answered and show them options. Make sure that you have plenty of staff to handle the holiday sales and to cover illness or other emergencies that inevitably occur in business.

Ordering: If your business takes orders for customers, you will want to increase your staffing for the ordering process. The more help you have in this department, the faster and smoother orders can be processed, shipped or delivered to customers.

Production: If you produce any of your own products, you'll definitely want to increase production as soon as possible to handle holiday orders. Hire more help in production and the increase in costs this will cause will pay for itself by increasing your profits. When businesses can't keep up with demand, their business suffers when customers are not satisfied.

Delivery: If your business delivers products, the holidays are probably the busiest time of the year to increase sales and profitability. Hiring more delivery staff will ensure that your customers are serviced most efficiently and in a most timely manner. Many businesses offer free shipping or delivery during the holidays and this may be an area that can boost business sales and increase your profitability.

Finding Holiday Staff

Many people look for ways to earn additional income over the holidays and you should be able to fill all the positions that are needed for your business if you start early enough. Often times, college students on extended holiday break are looking for extra income over the holidays and seek jobs well before the holidays. You don't want to lose all the best people to your competition.

  • Place an ad in the local newspaper. An ad in the classified section of the newspaper will usually cost around $300 for 4-5 days and most newspapers have a corresponding website so that your ad will also run for about a week online for even more exposure. This low cost will be worth it to find the best staff that can help your holiday business.
  • Call a temp agency. Many people have applications on file through a temp agency and you'll be able to fill many positions through them. When you notify the agency of the positions you would like to fill, they can help you locate the qualified candidates. You may need to pay them a higher rate through an agency since pay, taxes and the service are all included in the rate you'll be charged.
  • Ask your current staff. Many times the people that already work for you know of a friend that would qualify to help you especially if it's only part time work through the holidays. This is also a great way to find more permanent staff for your future needs.
  • Your website. If you have a business website, you will want an area that shows your employment opportunities. Keep this area updated and you'll be able to do your holiday hiring more easily through the internet as potential staff will be able to see what you do, your photos of your business and anything else that describes your business.
  • Help Wanted Sign in your business. This is an inexpensive and easy way to let your customers know that you're looking for additional holiday help. They may know someone looking for a job and refer someone to you. If you could utilize high school students for employment in your business, they often look for additional money for the holidays and you may find these students with a help wanted sign hanging right inside your business.

You can get a jump on your holiday hiring if you start early enough to get the best qualified person to fill any and all of your needs. The increase cost to your payroll will pay for itself when your customers get the attention they need and you get a boost in business sales and profit.

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Happy Hiring!