Holiday Magic is not about magic tricks, or maybe it is. It's about the magic that fills the air of every kind spirited heart. Let's see where a little holiday magic can be shined upon.

What if a beautiful little kitten was just sitting outside your door waiting for someone to shine a little warm sunlight on their wintery snow filled coat. Magical!

Baking cookie goodness or coffee cake delights and knocking on friends and families doors singing carols may just be what magic is all about one night. Magical!

Someone maybe filled with sadness and despair. Make a day for them to know how important they still are is whispering through the air. Let them know that their heart has filled the magic of Christmas because of the magic that their loves give to you.

You may know someone who is sick and lonely. Sprinkle some Christmas magic all around their house. Take them some warm soup and add a note of good cheer. Call them and tell them to look outside their door for you have left some warm Christmas magic that'll warm them and make them well for the holidays. Colds and flus maybe contagious so leaving them outside their door still lets them know how special they are to you. Magical!

The best holiday magic was more than just magical. It was heaven sent from heaven above. This was the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Magical! It's not really magic. It's heaven sent. It does feel like magic is in the air when we think of Christmas, snow and a manager that must have cast a glow form on that one and only humble stable. Magical!

The holiday season itself bring forth magical feeling of good will and peace. It's really just about the love that God has shown to us by giving us family and friends who love us. Magical!

Pets tend to brighten up our homes with holiday cheer when they try to sniff our holiday Egg Nog. Milk will always bring them sniffing for more delight. Magical!

Love is a gift from God. It does make the season feel magical. It must be because God loves us. Magical!

Think of all the things that make you feel happy. Now spread this cheer all around you. Spread some cheer and watch more than just one little magic snowflakes start dancing around you. Magical!