Holiday Makeup

Holiday Makeup

Getting ready for the holidays or a holiday party usually involves finding the perfect holiday dress, a pair of party shoes that look great and allow you to move freely and adding a little glitter to top it all off.

Creating your holiday look wouldn't be complete without your holiday makeup to polish off the whole look, enhance the look and draw attention to your smiling face.

Think of your face as an artist's canvas and it needs primed before applying the beauty of the art.

Steps to Create Holiday Makeup

The first few steps of perfect holiday makeup involve taking care of your skin since it's the canvas you'll be working with.

Cleanse your face, ears and neck using a natural facial cleanser for your particular skin type. Apply a small amount to fingertips and blend all over in gentle upwards circular motions. Rinse with warm water and a washcloth.


Exfoliate the facial skin to remove all the dry, dead, patchy skin cells and to provide a smooth surface for perfect makeup application. Moisten face with warm water, apply a small amount of exfoliating product in small gentle circles until all areas of the face and neck are covered (avoid eye areas). Rinse with warm water and washcloth and then apply a cool water rinse.

Eye Gel

Apply an eye gel to the entire eye area to tighten and firm fine lines and wrinkles, reduce attention to crow's feet and improve puffy eyes or dark circles. Tap a small amount of product using the ring fingers.


Apply a moisturizer for your skin type in small upward circular motions everywhere except the eye area. Allow to absorb fully before proceeding to makeup application.

Makeup Application

Foundation Primer

Applying a foundation primer for holiday makeup is a good idea because it will help to create a smooth base for foundation application as well as to assist your makeup to last for hours without having to touch up. Apply a small amount to the face and lips and allow to be fully absorbed before proceeding.

Wrinkle Filler

Apply a mousse type wrinkle filler if needed to all small fine lines, deep wrinkles, crow's feet, lines around the mouth and lips to reduce the size of wrinkles and diminish their appearance.


Apply a small amount of the perfect foundation shade for your skin tone with a makeup sponge blending all over including eyes and lips in a smooth upward motion. Make one final sweep down the face to reduce the appearance of any fine facial hairs.

Eyeshadows for Holiday Makeup

Choose three colors of eye shadow to create a smokey eye or glamorous eye for holiday makeup that will last all evening.

Use a dark brown or charcoal eye shadow color on the base of the eyelid. Apply smoothly and blend all the way out to the edge of the eye.

Use a softer color of the same shade above and apply to the crease of the eye being careful to fully blend.

Use the third eye shadow color underneath the eyebrow area to highlight the eye and make it appear larger and brighter.

The third eye shadow color can also be used on the inner eye area closest to the nose especially if the third eye color used has a touch of sparkle in it.

Along the lower lid at the outside corner, add a touch of the softer color used in the crease of the eye to added depth to the eye.

Eye Liner

Use a liquid eye liner for glamorous eye makeup to obtain a clean, straight line of color that will enhance and widen the eyes. Apply a liquid eyeliner on the outside skin on the top and bottom eye. Allow to dry a moment and widen or thicken the line with an additional coat of eye liner.

Lash Primer

Lash primer is one of the latest and hottest makeup items. It is used before mascara to plump and lengthen the eyelashes with a more natural product than fake eyelashes and will achieve the same look. Apply two coats of lash primer to each of the eyelashes top and bottom.


Choose a healthy, natural mascara without chemicals that irritate and harm the eyes. Apply one coat of mascara to the eyes in darkest black or navy for holiday makeup. Apply a second coat of mascara to further enhance the thickness and length of the eyelashes which also makes the eyes appear larger, wider and brighter.

Crème Blush

Crème blush can be used as a base color or the only color. When used as a base color, crème blush can extend the wear of blush so touch up later in the day or evening isn't necessary. Apply a small amount of crème blush to the apple area of the cheek and blend with a makeup sponge upward and outward starting from the nose base to the top of the eye area.

Powder Blush

Apply over the crème blush areas and gently all over face to add color and glow.

Lip Liner

Use a lip liner pencil to outline the shape of the lips. To create a larger, wider and fuller lip outline the lip above the actual lip line all the way around the lips. For a smaller, thinner less full lip, outline the lip inside of the actual lip. Fill in the outlined area of the lips with a gently stroke of the lip pencil. This will enhance the longevity of lipstick or lip gloss. Choose a lip liner color that is one shade darker than your natural lip color.


Use your favorite moisturizing or plumping lipstick in a red or rose color filling in the entire outlined lip area. Dab lips to a Kleenex gently once and reapply one coat of lipstick. This will enhance the longevity of your lipstick.

Lip Gloss

Use just a touch of a lip gloss with a shimmer to it. Apply to the center of the bottom lip and purse lips.

Finishing Powder

Use a powder brush and a finishing powder similar to the color of your foundation. Apply a small amount of finishing powder to the brush, tap out excess and apply powder to the entire face to set makeup for long lasting wear.

Finishing powder with a hint of shimmer can also be used instead and applied to the entire face, shoulder and décolletage area.

Practice Holiday Makeup Tips a week or so before the actual event needed so that you can do this pretty quickly. Makeup application should take no more than 10-15 minutes at most and with practice, you can do it quite quickly. Adjust the colors to suit your skin tone.

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