martini glassesHoliday Martinis

Happy Holidays! Every year I wrack my brain coming up with new and fun martini's to make for making holiday parties memorable. The following four martinis are some of my favorite that I have created, and I'm sure all of my friends would agree that these drinks offer a kick, but they also get everyone into the spirit for a fun holiday season. Enjoy all of these drinks responsibly, if you please!

The following drinks all yield about four martinis. They are also all made by the same method. Pack a large drink mixing tin with ice and add ingredients. Shake the martini well and strain into your glass. I serve them in chilled martini glasses, and I get creative with my garnishing, too! Candy canes, sprinkles, cinnamon, and shaved chocolate are some of my best toppings for these drinks. Use your imagination!

Nutty Holiday Martini:

This drink is nutty, creamy and smooth. Frangelica is one of the more popular and smooth hazelnut liqueurs available, but cheaper brands still mix well.

4 Oz. Vanilla Vodka

4 Oz. Hazelnut Liqueur

3 Oz. Half and Half

Rosie Martini:

For those not familiar with Tequila Rose liqueur, it is a strawberry flavored tequila, but it is not too strong and it mixes better than you might expect!

4 Oz. Tequila Rose

4 Oz. Vanilla Vodka

2 Oz. Half and Half or Milk

Rudolph's Favorite Drink:

Hopefully Rudolph doesn't have any of these before leading Santa on his Christmas trek…

4 Oz. Southern Comfort

3 Oz. Peach Schnapps

2 Oz. sloe gin or cherry liqueur

1 Oz. Orange Juice

Italian Christmas Martini:

This martini is delicious after a big holiday meal. The coffee gives it just the right kick, and the Sambuca and Kahlua really pair well. Enjoy!

4 Oz. Sambuca Liqueur

4 Oz. Kahlua Liqueur

2 Oz. Coffee or Espresso