Holiday parties

Stay safe during holiday parties

The months of October, November and December have holidays that are perfect for partying. Halloween parties offer opportunities for fun parties in costumes in decorated venues. Thanksgiving dinners and parties gather friends and family for dinners, holiday gift giving and drinks. While Christmas and New Years are considered the biggest party holidays of the year.

Parties sprinkle life with dazzling color. They are fun and exciting and can offer opportunities to dance, play, eat and meet interesting people. But parties can also carry minor and major risks. Indulge with a few cautions and you'll party on safely and happily. Here are just some ideas on how to party in a safe and comfortable way.

If you want to keep holiday party foods from ruining your waistline, fill up on celery, carrots and other fresh vegetables BEFORE leaving the house. If your tummy is full before you expose yourself to all those tempting treats, they are likely to look less inviting. And even if you do give in to temptation, you can nibble slowly rather than wolfing them down in hunger.

Dress not only to look good, but to feel good. If you suffer all evening because your shoes are cramping your feet or your clothes are too tight, rub, scratch, strangle or otherwise make your evening miserable, make sure the effort to impress others is worth the sacrifice! Or dress to look your best without sacrificing comfort!

Bring only the essentials. Parties are great places to lose purses and wallets. Sometimes dressy accessories are smaller or less convenient than usual and can be misplaced easily. Large parties may attract a few not-so-honest guests. And if you get caught in the swirl of music, drinking, dancing and other fun, you might drop or forget where you left valuable items.

Try to go easy on the drinking. You don't want to wake up the next morning with regrets! And, of course, never forget the "designated driver" if you plan to drink. Even if you don't drink much, you can't be sure how other drivers are driving out there and anyone on the road, especially during holiday periods, needs to have super-sharp automatic responses at the wheel.

Holidays are notorious for robbing perfectly healthy, happy people of their lives in auto accidents. With a few cautions in place, there's no reason you can't enjoy all the benefits of going to a party during any holiday or for any other reason! Party on!