Cleaning Stainless Steel Flatware

Get your silverware and flatware  ready for Holiday guests by doing a thoroughStainless-Steel flatware cleaning cleaning and shine to bring out the beauty of Stainless steel.

Stainless-Steel flatware is  easy to clean and a popular choice for everyday use,  dishwasher safe, affordable, and does not need a lot of maintenance to keep in good condition and the most commonly used flatware.

Rinse well after each use,  this  helps to stop salt and food acids from "pitting" (ugly dark spots).   Aftwards you may put utensils in the washing machine or hand-wash with mild detergents and hot water.

When not in use, and you have some time, periodically buff  with a dry cloth to bring back shine.

Don't use steel wool or regular scouring p owder on stainless-steel, instead opt for a  high Remove all stainless steel stainsCredit: barkeepersfriendquality commercial cleanser and polish like Bar Keepers Friend to remove scratches, stains and restore  shine.

Stainless  Steel Silverware is often vulnerable to  scratches which lessens its  stain resistance, but by following the above tips, you can prevent it altogether.

Hand-Washing Sterling Silver Flatware

Remember, to wash Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel separately, a chemical reaction can cause the sterling to become pitted.  Do not use lemon enhanced cleaners and avoid detergents that contain chlorides. 

Stay away from powdered detergents as it can cause the dark dented spots (pitting ) and may damage the silver.

When hand  washing, use mild detergent, rinsing thoroughly and drying immediately to prevent streaking.


  • Pitting can be casued by using certain powdered detergents
  • Pitting can be caused bywashing Sterling Silver together with Stain-less Steel
  • Pitting can be caused by  salt and food acids

Sterling Sliver flatware collections are usually valuable pieces not used everyday.

Machine Washing Sterling Silver Flatware

Because of its delicate material, machine washing is usually not recommended for silver, but you can purchase products created for this purpose.  If you do make sure to,  rinse the silver first and use minimal detergent than a normal wash.

Machine Washing Sterling Silver FlatwareUsing non-chlorine detergent is important and try to keep the silver from overly touching other metals in the washer, by separating them. 

Before the dry cycle begins,  it's a good idea to remove  Sterling Silver Flatware from the machine and hand-dry them with a soft cloth.

Prevent Remove Tarnish Sterling Silver Flatware

First step is to keep your flatware in a dry, airtight container lined with anti-tarnishing flannel, which you can find in the cutlery department.

If you already have tarnished Silverware, then a silver paste can be applied using a damp sponge, which does a great job removing medium to heavy tarnish. Finish the job by buffing with a dry cloth.

A polishing mitt is simple and effective to use as well for light tarnish removal.

Start an overall cleaning and polishing NOW before the Holidays, so your Sterling Silver Stainless Steel Flatware will look beautiful and you will be confident, as you make the table.