Holiday Rentals

Holiday Rentals

Wouldn't it be a nice change of pace to get away for the holidays with your family and leave all the stress, shopping, cooking, baking, decorating and wrapping behind?

If you think getting away for a trip during the holidays is a good idea, continue reading to find great holiday rentals that can help you leave all your worries behind while you have one of the best vacations ever. Many can be rented for a long weekend, one week or longer.

Holiday Rental Choices and Benefits:

Bed and Breakfast

Holiday Rentals Lake

The benefits of staying at a bed and breakfast include:

Generally easy to locate in any city or town

Typically suited for single or couple

Personalized service

No cooking – all meals included in the stay


No smoking

Find new friends in the owners or other guests

Usually well appointed with all the comforts of home

Generally located near area attractions


Lake cottage with boats

Usually quite charming and located in the quiet areas of a small town, in the desert or along a beach or lakefront

Typically suited for single or couple, many have only one bedroom

Many are located along a river or other body of water with breathtaking views and offer water sports and equipment

Typically contain most modern conveniences

Quiet and secluded


Great for romantic getaways

Nearby attractions

Holiday Home Rental

Can be simple or luxurious

More spacious than the other selections since you rent the entire home

Most have all the amenities of home and many have more

Suitable for many different price points

Can be located in a city, small town, beach, resort area, golf course or ski area

Do your own cooking just like at home which can be a money saver or go out to the area restaurants

Typically contain many choices for activities and include all necessary equipment without the rental fees

All taxes and tips already built into the cost of renting the home


Holiday Rentals Beach

Typically easiest to find a package deal

Packages could include car rental, free meal or meals, area activites

Costs have various ranges based on amenities included

Great for those that prefer not to cook, most have no cooking facilities

Pets and children usually able to stay

Many allow points for stays that can be used for additional free stays or purchases

Combining flight with hotel typically offers an additional discount than booking the hotel alone


Typically located in or along the mountains offering spectacular views and scenery

Similar to holiday home rental with more attention to the outdoors

Amenities typically include fully furnished and equipped spaces with fireplace

Activities focus on the outdoors with fishing, boating, hiking, touring and water sports

Accommodate large groups with many sleeping areas

Great for the outdoorsman/woman, the environmentalist, families or a romantic getaway


A vacation apartment is usually rented for shorter stays

Accommodate one or two people comfortably

Fully furnished as all others above

Usually 30% less than the cost of a deluxe hotel room

Many allow pets

Usually available in larger tourist cities

Holiday Rental Locations

There are so many wonderful vacation ideas and choices in all parts of the USA and other parts of the world that you may want to consider a unique location for the holidays.

Decide if you would like to stay in a hotel, cottage, bed and breakfast, cabin, vacation rental home or apartment for your vacation. Choose the amenities that suit you best and decide on what you want your holiday vacation to consist of.

Booking your Holiday Rental

>Try Holiday Rentals to find a luxurious holiday rental to Hilton Head Island that offers more amenities than most homes have. You and your family could have the perfect holiday in this 5,000 square foot home with pool, 6 bedrooms and 6 1/2 baths.

To use this site, simply click on the USA or other country to start your search for the best holiday rentals. There are many options to suit anyone's needs and budget.

>Travel Agency. Your local travel agency can assist you in planning the perfect holiday and find the best holiday rental depending on your needs and wants. Have all your information ready for the travel agent to assist you. You'll want dates, how many members will be traveling, what amenities you are looking for and any extra activities you would like included.

>AAA. Triple A is a member service organization that can assist you in all of your travel plans for a small yearly fee of less than $40. AAA can also include a triptik that maps out your directions if you choose to drive to your destination. Your triptik will include area hotels and restaurants you'll pass by as well as any areas of construction to be mindful of. Your triptik will also provide full driving directions for your return home. Simply make an appointment at your local AAA office to help you with your travel plans. A triptik usually takes one or two weeks to complete so order early.

Booking your holiday rental is best done as much in advance as possible as many rentals are booked well in advance of the holiday. Get together with your family or friends and decide if you could take a holiday vacation to a different location. The most difficult part could be everyone deciding on a location!


Always be mindful to get a contract or written agreement for your vacation rental, obtain photographs of the location and avoid online scams by researching as much as possible.

Taking a holiday vacation may be your favorite thing to do with your family and you may want to make it a yearly tradition. You wouldn't need to worry about shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, traffic jams or long lines. Instead, you could spend time with the ones you love and make some really wonderful holiday memories. You may want to bring a single holiday gift for a gift drawing and let the holiday vacation be your gift to each other.

Where will you take your holiday vacation? Happy Holidays!