When it comes to holiday shopping, most people fall into one of of two categories. You either love it or you hate it. The truth is that the difference between loving taking care of business and buying the people that you love presents is usually going to boil down to how well prepared you are.

If you follow these holiday shopping survival tips, you will find yourself enjoying the act of picking out the perfect present with holiday tunes blasting in the background much more this year.

Number One: Budget

The first thing that you want to do is to create a budget. This is the maximum amount of money that you want to spend on your holiday shopping this year. It is best if you plan to stick tightly to this number and not just use it as a general idea of where you want to be.

Doing this makes sure that you will not have buyers remorse when you start getting the bills for all of those trips to the stores this year.

Number Two: Go With a List

When you are heading out to get your gifts, never leave the house without a list. It can be as simple as a list of everyone that you need to get presents for. For the more organized including sizes, hobbies, and perhaps even gift ideas will make this event much more pleasant for you.

Number Three: Right Mind Set

If you have heard about the Law of Attraction then you will already know that like thoughts tend to be drawn to each other. When it comes to holiday shopping, this idea holds true. If you head out the door thinking that the next few hours are going to be a nightmare, then guess what they will be. Your mind is a very powerful thing and thinking in a certain way is more likely to make things happen that way.

Going out with the thought that this is going to be fun and that you are going to find what you are looking for is something that everyone should get in the habit of doing.

Number Four: Shop Early or Late

No this is not one of those commercials for sales in stores. As any person that works in retail, they will tell you that those early opens and closes that they do are some of the best times to do your holiday shopping. Other then perhaps Black Friday, the stores are usually deserted and you can easily get in and out in no time. The other great part about heading to a store early is that most places stock the shelves overnight so that you will have first selection of what has come in.

Number Five: Online is Your Friend

What could be better then sitting in your own room and getting all of the presents on your list? Truthfully, the answer is nothing. You can easily get items from almost every retailer that you would be going to in person online. There are free shipping deals to be had and you might even find some items that you would not see on shelves. Just think of it this way, there are no lines or crowded stores when you are shopping online.