Holiday Stress Relief Tips

Holiday Stress Relief Tips

Many people experience high levels of stress during the holidays to the point that it affects their mood, attitude, skin, patience level and overall health since many illnesses and disease are started from stress and high anxiety.

Follow Holiday Stress Relief Tips to avoid the danger and unhealthy stress that can occur during the holidays.

Take a deep breath:

Actually, take 10 deep breaths right now. Breathing helps to increase the flow of oxygen to all the organs and enhances relaxation and can relieve pain too. Several times a day make a conscious effort to take 10 super deep breaths so that the chest rises and falls.

Make a List:

Sometimes, many times stress is caused from too much to do and too little time. Write down a daily list of things that must be done. Prioritize what is really most important and forget about all the little things that we sometimes stress over that aren't important in the long run.

Organize your time:

Since you'll have a list of things to do, it can be helpful to organize your to-do list with the easiest things to do first. Tackle harder or more time consuming items on the list when you have a block of time that can be devoted to it.

When you run your errands, organize your time so that along the route, you make all the important stops that you need to. If you need to go to the grocery store and you'll be passing one, stop in and get what you need. Do this organizing of errands for all the stops you need to make so that you avoid having to back track your steps.

Can you make lists or important phone calls while you wait for the school bus or waiting for a child after a school event? Do you do crafts? If you can take a project with you while waiting at the doctor's office, getting your oil changed or waiting for a child you can accomplish many things that can help to alleviate stress in your life by keeping you organized and on track to accomplishing your goals.


Exercise is very healthy for the body, increases oxygen to the organs and muscles and also increases the endorphins in the body (the happy hormones). By adding just 15-20 minutes of exercise a day to your routine, you can greatly reduce the stress that you feel and be able to handle pressure better. When you take care of yourself, you'll be better able to take care of others.

Take a walk around the block or the park during your lunch break if that's the only time you have to yourself. Walk briskly while keeping your abdominal muscles in and posture straight to gain the most benefit.

Take a warm bath to relieve stress:

Take 20 minutes with the bathroom door locked, play soft music, light a scented candle and get away from it all with a warm bath that can soothe your soul, calm your spirit and help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Do it nightly, every other night or at least weekly for the most benefit.

Drink Hot Tea and Put Your Feet Up:

Green tea or black tea is very healthy for the body as they contain powerful antioxidants that soothe, calm and relax the body. Make yourself a cup of hot tea every night and take time to sit, relax with your feet up to relieve pressure and tension.

Massage to relieve stress:

Get a massage at a salon or better yet get a massage from your partner. Massage helps to relieve sore, achy and tired muscles at the same time that it is a great time for a calm discussion with your partner to discuss goals, plans or just the day's events.

Avoid arguments to relieve stress:

Sometimes arguments get started over things we cannot control or things we cannot change. Those are useless and unhealthy arguments that cause great tension and stress and should be avoided whenever possible.

Make an effort to change the things you can that cause stressful arguments whatever they are. Have conversations with your partner or children about the changes that you would like to see them make as well in order to avoid stressful arguments. Arguments are rarely one sided and someone can take the high road even if that person is usually you – the more you do it, the more others will learn from your example and stressful arguments should diminish.

Life is too short to spend time arguing. Avoid it as often as possible to relieve stress.

Finances cause stress:

Finances are a big reason that stress is in our lives as well as one big reason that couples argue. Vow to do whatever you can to reduce debt, avoid spending money wherever possible and stress will be reduced. Involve your family so that everyone is on the same page and understands your goal. Someone needs to take charge and if it will reduce your stress and those around you eventually, then be the person in charge of making the changes needed.

Holiday Gift List:

Keep your holiday gift list manageable. Go shopping for only those that you need to in order to reduce stress. Some years our finances are better than others and if you are on a limited budget, keep to the budget.

Stick to your holiday gift list. Sometimes when things are on sale we tend to want to purchase them and don't use or need any of them. These items can trigger stress when they end up in a closet and we realize what a waste of money and time it was.

Look for sales, discounts, clearance items that could help you with your gift list and shop online to save gas and time.

Start your holiday gift shopping early to avoid the rushes, the traffic and to be done early to relieve holiday stress. You'll have time to spend at home with your family, do a little baking and have fun wrapping gifts while others are still out scrambling for the perfect gift!

I hope you will use Holiday Stress Relief Tips to be able to enjoy a healthy and happy life full of people that you love!

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