Holidays Can Be StressfulMoneymatter

People planning for holidays are expecting to be able to relax, but stress can creep in if the holidays include children, complete with their own expectations. These expectations, if not handled with care, can lead to financial burdens that are difficult to manage. Parents may end up taking cash advances to meet all the demands their children may have. While it may make the holiday relaxing for the children, it will leave the parents with an additional burden after the holidays are over. What can be done in these circumstances?

Expert Advice

Dr. Charles Sophy, a well known international expert on psychiatry and mental illness, commented on certain aspects that should be considered at the time of planning a holiday. This report, appearing in the Canyon News (12/29/2009), looks at certain aspects many parents fail to recognize from the start. These aspects may look small at first, but can lead to unnecessary stress for both parents and children. Full credit should be given to Dr. Sophy for highlighting the points every parent needs to consider before planning holiday events. This advice will help parents negotiate some of the more important questions that children may have when planning for the holidays.

Children Want More

Children always seem to want more, do more, and expect more than what is possible or feasible in a parent's budget. Dr. Sophy suggests that a discussion about the impending holidays with the entire family will help to set out expectations and details ahead of time for all family members. Serious discussions that are honest and truthful are advised, even if the differences may not seem that bad. Not doing so will send the wrong message, allowing the children to believe that they can expect something wonderful, which may be beyond the financial means of the parents. Giving complicated explanations to the children will only lead to parental stress if they are unable to afford what the children expect. The end result could be a visit to a cash advance store for more money.

Financial Discussions With Children?

This is a question that most parents will worry about. Dr. Sophy, however, advises that it is better to be honest with children about this information, but to keep it age appropriate. Keeping the children informed about what is happening with the family finances is perhaps the best way to move forward. Information, if exchanged correctly, can make the holiday exciting for the children as well as for parents. They will no doubt ask questions, but parents will need to be confident about the answers that they give.

Keep Children Occupied

Traveling can be tiring for children and will exhibit their stress faster than adults. Bring things that can keep their minds busy. It will mean a few more things to carry around, but this will take away some of the stress. Sleep is an essential part of children's lives, and parents need to make sure that they are not deprived of it in any manner. Keeping these points in mind will make the holiday more eventful and also keep the parents away from a visit to a cash advance store.