Those people that go out of their way and provide service to you throughout the year should not be forgotten at Christmas time. I am not talking about everyone, but those that you have formed a close and personal relationship with and you know that you can count on them to do a good job. They should be rewarded if they have done the job well. It is a tough year with the economy being the way that it has and lots of people are without jobs. We think of our families first, and covering the expense of their Christmas can be hard enough within itself. So for the cash strapped among us any gesture of appreciation can make a difference.

No gesture at all says that you didn't do a good job. If they didn't do a good job, then don't worry about it. If they did do a good job, but buying a gift or giving a big tip is outside of your budget this year, then give them a card letting them know that their service was excellent, but your budget is tight. Coupled that with a box of home baked goods to show your appreciation. Not all service providers are allowed to receive monetary gifts anyway. For those that can't, then how about sending a letter to their boss explaining what an excellent job they do. They just might get a raise from it, and what an excellent gift that would be. Just let them know that you appreciate them with a small gesture.

Here is a holiday tipping guide for those that provide service to us throughout the year.

Those that provide service to your children.

If you have a babysitter that you rely on regularly, and they do a great job with your children, they should not be forgotten. If you use a nanny, or you have an au pair living in your home, you definitely do not want to forget these people. They are like family and should be treated as such. Day care providers should be given something in consideration of the care and education that they provide your child. Don't forget teacher's, school bus drivers, tutors, coaches or anyone that provides daily or weekly educational instruction for your child. A small gift card as a gift from the child is appropriate.

Those people that provide service in your home.

If you have maid service and they come to your home on a regular basis, then tip this person. After all, they have spent the year picking up after you. I know that they already get paid for that, however, if they do quality work and your personal belonging are always cared for and never coming up missing, you should show your gratitude. The people that care for your lawn and garden on a regular schedule should be remembered. Don't forget the garbage man either. If this person still gets down off the truck and loads up your trash, reward them. Dog walkers, sitters, and groomers should be tipped as well. Don't forget the paperboy or the mailman. If someone provides care or sits with an elderly person in your home, then please don't forget about them either. If you catch the city bus to commute each day, then throw a little something the bus drivers way.

Those people that pamper you.

Hairdressers, manicurist, message therapist, assistants, therapist, personal shoppers, and personal trainers can be given a little something for the service that they provide, after all, they make you look and feel great.

Those people that work in an apartment complex.

The super, concierge, doorman, elevator operator, and maintenance man all or worth considering splurging a little something on them.

I hope this holiday tipping guide for those that provide service gives you an overall idea of who you should tip or send gifts to. Never leave their gifts in someone else's hands to distribute. You should always make sure that you hand them out personally. After doing this, you will notice that it comes back to you by improved and even greater service throughout the coming year.