There are many different types of Holiday traditions that many families practice today and have been practicing for many years. Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter are three of the most popular Holidays that people enjoy celebrating. It is important to learn about our traditions and where they originated from.

Santa ClausCredit: Morgue FileSanta Claus originated in the 1860s’. The name Santa Claus came from the Dutch word St. Nicholas. Santa is known to have a long white beard, a big belly and wears a red suit. His reindeer and his sleigh are able to get him all around the world to deliver presents. He can easily squeeze down the chimney on Christmas Eve to sneak into the house and will leave presents under the Christmas tree for the family to open in the morning. He may even leave some candy canes in the stockings that families leave on the fireplace mantel. Both children and parents are always excited to see what is in their stockings. Christmas is a favorite Holiday for many people.

There are a few Thanksgiving traditions that families practice. Many families will cook more food than they can eat. Turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, vegetables and green bean casserole are a few of the favorite types of food to cook. In the middle of the turkey is a wishbone. After the wishbone dries out for a few days, two people can make a wish and break the wishbone. The one who gets the larger end is the lucky one that gets their wish. There is also another Thanksgiving tradition that people enjoy doing where everyone goes around the table stating what they re most thankful for. This is a great way to let family know you are thankful for them and everything that they do. Watching football is another exciting Holiday tradition that many people enjoy. Sitting around the television with a plate full of food is very relaxing for many people.

Easter BunnyCredit: Morgue FileDuring Easter many people enjoy making, decorating and eating hard boiled eggs.  If you have been good, the Easter bunny will come to your house and deliver gifts in your Easter basket.  He might even hide Easter eggs for you to find.  Many families will hide their own Easter eggs for their kids to find.  They may hide plastic eggs that are filled with surprises or hard boiled eggs.  If they are real eggs, be sure to find them quickly so they don’t spoil.  The tradition of painting Easter eggs started when the Christians would paint their hard boiled eggs red to symbolize the blood of Christ. Early Christians would wear white robes after they have been baptized to symbolize their new lives with Christ. People who have already been baptized will buy new clothes to symbolize that they are sharing a new life with Jesus.

Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter are three of the most popular Holidays that have fun traditions. Holidays are meant to be spent with families and close friends. The more activities you can squeeze in, the more fun everyone will have.

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