With its varied backdrop setting of hills and mountains, enthralling coastlines and sand beaches, and volcanic hillsides, Bali provides a picturesque setting of a colorful, deeply spiritual and unique culture that no wonder it deserved to be called as the famed “Island of Gods”.

As popular tourist destination Bali is impossible to be short on beautiful places you can visit and one of them is Kuta, located in the southern part of the island, the best known tourist resort area. Kuta is known internationally for its long sandy beaches, varied accommodations, renowned restaurants and bars, the center of an extensive tourist-oriented urban area to fill your frenetic energy. And the coast of the stylish Seminyak with its designer bars and legendary clubbing scene can be the perfect place for you. Found in the northwest part of Kuta, Seminyak is au courant district which has been the lure of bohemians and jetsetters, boasting its chic cocktail bars, exciting nightclubs, vogue boutiques and luxurious spas. A playground of rich, extravagant accommodations and lively nightlife, Seminyak attracts a classy crowd of beautiful people. Not only that, Seminyak is also an ideal place for shoppers with all Bali’s main shops and shopping malls that could be found there.

Seminyak, no doubt, could be the perfect getaway to relieve you from your stress. And there’s no greater way to enjoy it than to spend your Seminyak vacation on a private villa, a perfect place to stay in if you want to pamper and relax. Renting a private villa doesn’t just allow you to enjoy the whole place alone with your family or friends; it gives you a personal hideaway. It’s like staying at your own vacation house with the bonus of being served by kind staffs ready to attend your every demand and need. These villas’ essence is truly to make you feel like royalty, adding to the sophisticated ambiance of Seminyak.

Seminyak villas are built and characterized by their own form of art décor and endearing internal decoration, as well as a private pool to add up to their luxurious settings. One of the famous private villas in Seminyak is the Amore Mio Villa, a brilliant executed, contemporary renovation of an old place. The Amore Mio Villa combines the chic style with textured stonework, Indonesian antiquities, funky accessories and ethnic artwork with three individually designed bedroom, groovy bathrooms, two different dining rooms and dazzling swimming pool with a pretty garden in the heart of Seminyak.

Amore Mio Villa

Amore Mio Villa
Credit: TheVillaGuide.com

Another ideal villa I could suggest is the Angel’s Villa, suggested by its name, this villa is located in a peaceful residential neighborhood a few minutes away from the beach, shops and restaurants of Seminyak. The Angel’s Villa offers a tranquil and very private holiday escape with its 12 meters lap pool, compact and neatly designed 3-bedroom, this walled villa is an excellent family retreat.

Angel's Villa

Angel's Villa, Seminyak Bali Indonesia
Credit: Thevillaguide.com

But for those who would want to experience the lavish experience a high class villa, uniquely designed to convey sleek elegance and chic style then the Villa Aqua and Villa Issi are sure to fulfill your dreams. The Villa Aqua is a funky modern design and purpose-party built villa extraordinaire complete with pool, sound-proof games room, steam room and numerous chill-out spots, this private party pad is primarily positioned at the apex of Seminyak’s Golden Triangle just a few steps away from Petitenget Beach.

Villa Aqua

Villa Aqua, Seminyak Bali Indonesia
Credit: TheVillaGuide.com

While if you’re looking for a big, bold and sublime and different-styled villa then Villa Issi would be a great choice. Sophisticated, sleek, swanky and super chic, Villa Issi is located in the middle of Seminyak. This gorgeous, fancy pad is all about space, ultra-modern architecture, high-technology and complete furnishing. This 4 bedroom, high-tech property presents impeccable service, five-star food and funky artwork wrapped up in playful architecture with a monochromatic theme.

Villa Issi

Villa Issi, Seminyak Bali Indonesia
Credit: TheVillaGuide.com

With such wonderful villas, Seminyak is considered to be a famous place in Bali to offer an impressive range of leisure and lifestyle amenities to make you truly feel you are in Bali, in the famous Island of Gods.