Christmas wedding centerpieces really have to walk a fine line. Like all wedding decorations they need to speak to your own personal sense of style and fit within your budget. However, people will have preconceived ideas of what to find at a Christmas wedding. Since these kinds of decorations are so cheap and plentiful they can really help out your budget but you don't want things to end up looking cheesy. Here are a few ideas for elegant centerpieces that will definitely get noticed.

Incorporate a family tradition. This allows you to really use items that are very sentimental to you. Most families collect at least one item around the holidays whether it's ornaments, nativity sets, or ceramic figurines. If you are on a tight budget you can make arrangements from these items.

Create an entire theme or tablescape. You could keep this all in the same color palette to make things seem elegant and so that all of the items will relate to each other. This allows you to add in candles, faux trees, tinsel, velvet fabric or whatever else really says Christmas to you. You can find miniature trees at the dollar store although you may need to try antiquing or spray painting some of the materials so they look elegant and modern.

It really just depends what says Christmas to you and just how much like Christmas you want your wedding to be. There are a lot of different options to keep things looking elegant. You could go for a metallic color palette of gold or silver. These colors have always been associated with wealth. They are still warm and decorative; this kind of tablescape will definitely get noticed. At the same time these colors are used a lot in accent decor around Christmas time. This allows more of a subtle theme so that you get the best of both worlds.

Another area where you can really have fun is the natural elements. You could experiment with evergreen boughs. Another option would be to find candles where the outside looks like a white tree bark. This can be modern or country depending on how you decorate the rest of the table.

Find new ways to display old classics. It's been popular to fill a bowl full of round Christmas ornaments. However, this can seem a little bit uninspired. You can mix it up just by going with the trend towards apothecary jars. These are a lot taller. You could also just use tall, thin cylindrical vases. Place several of these on a table in varying heights to make a big impact.

Play around with tried and true favorites. When you think of Christmas you probably envision lights. For a fun and modern take on this you could try putting a whole bunch of retro, large bulb Christmas lights in a jar. They don't even have to turn on because all of the fun colors will really shine through. You could also find ways to incorporate battery operated twinkle lights into your centerpiece for a romantic glow.