Holiday Wedding Planning Tips

Holiday Wedding Planning Tips

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in a man or woman's life and can be even more fun and exciting when the bride and groom plan the wedding of their dreams together.

Holiday wedding planning can be accomplished within a few months by being organized, comparing prices, shopping online and following simple steps to make it all come together.

Holiday Wedding Planning Officiator

Choose a wedding date based on the available times of the wedding officiator, Pastor, Priest or Justice of the Peace to perform your wedding ceremony. Couples may need to change their preferred wedding date or the wedding officiator if the requested dates are already booked.

Check the holiday calendar and avoid actual holiday dates that could prevent the guests from being able to attend.

Be flexible in the wedding date possibility based on the need to have the wedding officiator of your choice.

Holiday Wedding Planning Venue

Finding the venue for the wedding is the second most important step.

Call restaurants, halls, banquet facilities, couple's home or either the bride's family home or the groom's family home as possible options for the wedding venue.

Almost every restaurant or banquet facility will already be decorating their space for the holidays. Find out how they decorate and choose a location that requires the wedding couple to provide minimal decorations of their own to keep costs and workload down.

Holiday Wedding Planning Color Scheme

Based on the wedding venue chosen, pick a color scheme that will easily coordinate with the space as well as provide plenty of choices for additional decorations and wedding favors.

Optional holiday wedding colors could be gold and cream, red and cream, red and gold, silver and blue or green and gold.

Holiday Wedding Planning Favor Ideas

Gold and Cream Favor Ideas:

Cream star shaped gift box with almonds or chocolate kisses inside

Cream tulle wrapped over a small grouping of gold foil wrapped chocolates tied with a gold wire ribbon

Red and Cream Favor Ideas:

Small red sleigh filled with heart candies, chocolates or kisses

Red ornament with bride and groom's names with wedding date hand written using a cream colored writing pen

Red and Gold Favor Ideas:

Ornaments in any holiday shape such as stars, Santa boots, Gift box or Reindeer with the wedding date information hand written in gold writing pen

A couple of cinnamon sticks wrapped with a gold wire ribbon including a gift tag with wedding date information

Silver and Blue Favor Ideas:

Silver bells with a blue gift tag of wedding date details

Silver snowflake doily ornament with blue glitter. Shop for paper doilies, separate and dip in pan of liquid starch, lift and sprinkle blue glitter in center or at edges of snowflake and hand with a silver and blue ribbon until dry and stiff.

Green and Gold Favor Ideas:

Shop for small wreaths and decorate with gold bells, mini gold ornaments using hot glue and sprinkle with gold glitter.

Shop for mini Christmas trees and decorate with mini gold ornaments, bells, mini toys, stars or gift boxes. Add a pre made holiday bow, hoop for hanging as an ornament and gift tag with wedding date information.

Holiday Wedding Planning Tips – Gifts for Attendants

Search for unique Christmas ornaments or handmade jewelry as gift options for the wedding party attendants that are inexpensive as well as a memorable keepsake from the wedding.

Online shopping will offer a wide selection of gifts to give bridal attendants and can offer free shipping, free gift with purchase or further discounts with a total purchase of a certain amount. Search many different online websites for the most variety and to find unique and beautiful gifts for wedding attendants.

Many wedding attendant gifts can also include free gift wrapping to eliminate that additional work for the bride and groom.

Make your own wedding gifts for attendants that are keepsake ornaments with all the wedding date information hand written with the attendants name included or try another handmade Christmas decoration as an attendant gift:

Holiday Wedding Planning Tips – Music

Schedule a DJ or band for a holiday wedding that can include classic holiday Christmas carols and romantic holiday songs to keep the guests entertained, encourage singing along and dancing to go with your holiday themed wedding.

Holiday Wedding Planning Tips – Photographer

Many brides and grooms are choosing to purchase disposable cameras for all the guests instead of hiring a professional photographer. This will help to keep the cost of the wedding down and also encourages the guests to take a wide assortment of fun and unusual photographs for the bride and groom to keep.

One option to keep the photographer cost down is to hire a professional photographer only for the actual wedding ceremony.

A formal wedding photograph can be scheduled for just the bride and groom prior to the actual wedding day or a few days later.

Holiday Wedding Planning Tips – Food and Drink

Schedule a wedding menu sampling or tasting at the location of the wedding so that you know what you are buying and that you will enjoy your wedding meal.

Many restaurants and banquet facilities will offer a free sampling of several items on the wedding banquet menu that allow the bride and groom a preview of the food offered.

Keep your wedding menu as simple as possible for a sit down menu option or buffet option.

Keep in mind the estimated cost of food and drink and ask the venue for an accurate estimate of all costs since food and drink are usually the most costly item in wedding planning.

Many restaurants and banquet facilities will offer either a cost per person with alcohol and drinks or an ala carte price depending on the actual alcohol consumed at a wedding. Be aware of each option and choose the best price point to keep the budget on track.

Most restaurants and banquet facilities will not allow the bride and groom to bring their own alcohol and if they do, there could be a significant corking fee per bottle or per person. Just be aware of all available options and choose the one that works best for your budget.

Having a wedding at your own or someone else's home will enable you to purchase your own alcohol which can be a huge savings on your budget.

Find a caterer that will come to your home or someone else's if that is the venue choice, then gather all information of what the caterer will and will not provide. Some caterers have an onsite baker that can also make your wedding cake. Most caterers will handle all the arrangements for the wedding but, it is always best to make sure and get a signed contract that will include all the details. Good luck with your wedding planning and hoping that these tips will help you get on the right track to the wedding of your dreams.