holiday weight

Just when you think you have your health and weight under control, you decide it is time for a vacation. You are excited to get away, but then you wonder just how will you keep up with your weight loss regime?

Simple, take it with you!. With just a little bit of planning, you can have a great time and avoid holiday weight gain. You might even just lose some weight as well.

This is a great time to try a few new activities. Nothing like a new area and new routines to rev up your metabolism and help with holiday weight gain, but at the same time you have to watch out for all the temptation. Meaning fatty foods!

Now, depending on what type of holiday you have in mind, then you just try and tweak your exercise and diet routines and plan ahead a bit.


When packing for your holiday, don't forget to throw in some workout clothes, and bag a pair of good running shoes. This way there is no excuse. Don't forget your bathing suit and sunscreen. Beach walking is really good for your legs, but you don't want to get burnt.

Car holiday

If you are driving here and there for your holidays, then don't forget to take a good cooler with freezer packs, (you can freeze water bottles and drink them later) and stuff it with all kinds of snacks, so that you are not famished when you stop for meals. Here are a few suggestions to help you avoid holiday weight gain.

Pack a cooler

whole wheat crackers

low fat cheese, such as cheese strings, or cut cheese into cubes and have ready to grab in a zip lock baggie

baby carrots


fat free yogurts (don't forget spoons!)

measured out baggies or container of nuts (these are good for you, but you don't want to eat too many as they are high in calories, so by measuring them out into 1/4 cup servings, you will know how much you are getting)

turkey slices (these are great to grab for a protein snack and they will fill you if you start to feel really hungry)

You can replenish these supplies along the way from most grocery stores. Use ice after the freezer packs have thawed, to keep your snacks cold in hot temperatures.

This way, if you stop for meals, you can avoid temptation and eat healthy meals, that help to keep that holiday weight under control and not do a face plant at the buffet table because you are so hungry!


You can request a vegetarian meal, or a light meal on the plane. Plus you can pack a few snacks in your main suitcase. Just be sure they are things that are portable and won't leak. This will at least give you something to snack on, until you get settled in your hotel and can check out the area and what types of food is available. That bar fridge and snacks will cost you a lot, so try and avoid them.


If you are driving or flying and are checking into a hotel, then see if it has a gym. This would really give your workout something new to challenge yourself with. If not, do they have a pool? Go for a swim, use the facilities. Go for a walk around the hotel, see if there are any parks. Failing that, is there a mall nearby? Go to the mall, and tell yourself that you will be allowed to leisurely shop once you have done a couple of fast walks around the mall. Depending on how big the mall is, this could really help with that holiday weight.

holiday weight loss

Tourist Attractions

When you go to any tourist attractions, you can walk for miles and not realize it because you are having fun. Maybe bring your pedometer and see just how far you do walk. Take some of your healthy snacks in your purse, and try to avoid the attractions snack bars if you can.

If you know where you are going ahead of time, you can research online for any facilities that you may belong to. For example Curves. There are Curves exercise centers for women all over the country. But you could check out your gym and see if there is one close by. Your membership should include the ability to go to other facilities while traveling.

You can also bring a couple of your own DVD exercise videos, if you don't want to venture out.

But it is nice to try something new while on vacation. Sometimes just changing your exercise routine, can help you lose weight, and get you off that plateau. Just make sure and keep some healthy snacks on hand. Don't let yourself get really famished. Drink lots of water and stay away from pops and juices in excess. If you want to be drinking your umbrella drinks, then do some extra exercise to combat the calories!

We quite often will buy large containers of water and refill our water bottles from it all the time, especially if you are concerned about water quality, and it will save you keep buying expensive single serving water bottles. Invest in a reusable metal or hard plastic water bottle. Then just purchase the large containers from the grocery store.

If you can just think a little bit each day of how you can fit in exercise, whether yourself or with your partner and family, then you will have won half the battle for holiday weight and your health.

Vacations are the perfect time to let loose, have fun and connect with family and friends, and you can get moving as part of your holiday, as you see sites and attractions. Walk as much as you can. Make sure and pack good shoes, then you have no excuse, and you should be able to keep that holiday weight in check. You actually might get home and see that the scale has moved.. downwards! That would be one of the best gifts yet right? Having a great vacation and coming home to find you have lost holiday weight.