La Malagueta in Malaga, Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is one of the best places in Spain to enjoy a Beach Break; with over 300 days of sunshine a year and fantastic landmarks, villages, beaches, towns and history; you will truly enjoy your stay in the Southern part of Spain. Costa del Sol extends from Gibraltar to Malaga and offers miles of sandy and beautiful beaches to the tourist; it is actually considered as the number one place in Europe to enjoy a Beach Break; the beauty of a holiday in Malaga, Marbella, Ronda, Granada, Nerja or any other place that forms part of Andalusia is that you don’t need to invest vast amounts of money in order to have the holiday of your life.


Flamenco and Andalusia. Flamenco is originated in Southern Spain, in the Andalusian RegionCredit: Daniel M Ramirez

Why should you Rent an Apartment or Village in Costa del Sol

If you are planning to stay at least for a week in sunny Costa del Sol, then you should consider renting an apartment or village instead of staying in one of the many hotels available, they are easy to find, stylish and many of them offer sea view without the extortionist price you would pay in a hotel. The deal works even better if you travel with your family or friends; a family of 4 will save a significant amount of money by renting an apartment.


Costa del Sol in Andalusia

Spaniards know exactly what tourists are looking for when on holiday; and they try really hard to provide us with all the facilities we need in order to make a stay in Andalusia one of the most memorable times ever.  The same rule applies in the accommodation sector; apartments and villas cater for all tastes, you can find properties fully decorated and with everything you need to satisfy your needs and more.


MarbellaCredit: Daniel M RamirezThe first thing you need to do is to identify the area where you will stay; however, the most popular ones are Marbella, Malaga, Granada and Ronda. Tourism in these places are more prepared to provide what you need in terms of accommodation and the best part is that they are located in the middle of Andalusia, providing you easy access to the most spectacular beaches and sites that you will ever find in Spain.


What to Ask Before Renting an Apartment in Costa del Sol

  1. Point of contact: you need to know from whom you are renting from; is it an individual or a company? It is easy to book everything online; however, what happens if something goes wrong? Make sure you have your details with you.
  2. How much is the rent? Confirmation by written about the full payment should be requested, including any security deposit or additional.
  3. What do they offer: is it fully furnished? Does the kitchen have all the appliances for you to cook?
  4. Location: the apartment should be on an accessible location with good transport links and close to the beach.
  5. Space: although it is just a holiday and you will probably stay for just a week, you want to make sure that your family or friends will be comfortable; apart from asking how many bedrooms and bathroom they have; you should also ask for the square meters or square feet.
  6. Safety box: Do they provide a safety box so your valuables can be stored safely?
  7. TV: Do they have satellite TV?
  8. Swimming pool: Do they have one? Is it working?
  9. Maid service: how often they provide a cleaning service? Do you need to pay an extra fee? 
  10. Outdoor space: you are on holiday; so you shouldn’t really be looking for outdoor space when you have the whole area to explore; however, if you have children it might be a good idea to have a small garden.
The Balcony of Europe in Nerja, Costa del Sol SpainCredit: Daniel M Ramirez

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