Kampala is a pretty small city. You will come across very friendly people all round you. You will never get lost in Kampala. Whatever your holiday objectives might be in a 'third world' city, you are assured of meeting them inside a week or two when in Kampala. But apart from Kampala being relatively small compared to your average 'first world' cities, you might need to stay longer. Many aspects will undoubtedly grab your attention. A few below are musts.

Sandy Beaches.

Kampala is an inland city. It is a few minutes’ drive away from the worlds largest fresh water body-Lake Victoria. On Lake Victoria shores, you are guaranteed to find one of the best beaches in East Africa. Clear well graded sand, good for your bear feet, no harmful wild insects, lots of fish varieties and mouthwatering African dishes.

On a 'traffic jam' free day like on a weekend, you will need less than forty-five minutes’ drive to any beach on Lake Victoria at an average speed of 60-80kph. This is the recommended speed on many Ugandan roads. On a 'traffic jam' day, especially a working day, you will still not need above an hour from any hotel to the lake shores using the same average speed. If you enjoy swimming in fresh untreated water- lake water, then Kampala will be perfectly ideal for you.

Art is one of the less appreciated works in Uganda. Many people look at buying craft pieces as an unnecessary expense. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Kampala harbors a number of very talented and dedicated artists. If you love art works, never mind whether it is African or not, you will like the pieces. The Art Gallery at the National Theater, African village on Buganda Road, Normal Gallery, Ndere Center and other art shops in and around Kampala will make your visit to Kampala memorable.

TheEye magazine and the enteruganda websites will give you a more detailed insight on your lovely stay in Kampala. You will get to know all about the car rentals, hotels, safaris and everything else you might like to see in the Pearl of Africa. You will enjoy.

The Night Life: Kampala never sleeps!

In Kampala, everyone you talk to will tell you how broke he/she is. May be all the ten out of ten people are broke. But come the night. Almost everyone will be loaded, bars will be bursting with business, and Bodabodas ('motor cycle taxis') will be moving all over carrying the not-so-many-hours-ago broke dudes and chicks in all directions.

On almost every street, you are sure to find a happening spot. It could be a sports bar and restaurant, night club or theater. Club Silk night club located on 7th street industrial area comes first in the minds of many night clubbers. Club Silk has a variety of themes and programs to include Oldies night, RnB nights, Campus nights, Comedy nights, Fashion nights, Club unplugged nights, the list is endless. You certainly cannot afford failing to choose from these varieties of programs. And when it comes to the chicks at Club silk, I must say, your judgment, wallet and 'stamina' will determine. Dudes also attend the club in numbers. You are at liberty to view everything you want to see at any angle. Many of the chicks, mostly compass chicks, dress to “kill” in the shortest of outfits. There is an executive section at Club Silk, Silk lounge where the high class 'chill' from the confusion of the rest of the lads. The prices are far too low compared to what you get. If you are not ready to spend your dime on anyone else, be sure that $50 (about shs 120,000) will suffice a very perfect night for you in a Kampala club.
There are a lot of other clubs too. Angeniour discotheque, very much like Club Silk also caters for all classes of visitors. Has three sections too, a variety of themes, lots of chicks and dudes and located on the same street as club silk. There are other clubs. Club Rouge, T1 club, Club Cascades and many more all located within 5minutes’ drives in any direction in the city of Kampala.

Wish you all the best on your way to, while in and when getting out of Kampala.