Say the word "Holiday" and you have a happy and warm feeling come over you. It brings images of sleeping in late, and not having to rush about getting ready to leave the home in the morning. It symbolizes the laid back day that you get to relax and unwind. The rest and recuperation that you look forward to are all possible on a holiday. A holiday can be for just a day or for a longer duration. That will depend on the kind of holiday it is. Here are some common types of holidays that you get.

Religious Holidays

The number of religions around the world have special days which were the holidays of a bygone era and are now carried forward. For instance for Christmas and Easter for Christians, Eid ul milad and Eid ul fitar for the Muslims, Jamshedi Nowros and Papeti for the Zoroastrians', Diwali and Gudi Padwa for the Hindus, Hanukah and Shavout for the Jews, Baisakhi and Gurupurab for the Sikhs, and so many more related festivals for other religions. In the lives of the people these days are important religious festivals. They have special traditions and rituals which the people follow on these days. Many countries have religious festivals as national holidays so that the people can follow their faith with ease.

Official Holidays

For a Nation State there are official holidays which mark special occasions or anniversaries of special events. For instance Independence Day is one such official holiday. While offices stay closed, there ia a lot of pomp and glory associated with the celebrations of this holiday. The unfurling of the national flag is a big event and there are parades and processions held to mark the day as well. With the American Independence Day celebrated on 4th of July, fireworks have long been associated. Families picnic out to find the ideal spot to watch the fireworks displays in the evening.

School or College Holidays

These are the most looked forward to holidays as a child. The fall break, winter break and the summer holidays are examples of school or college holidays. These holidays are the most carefree times of most people's lives. We all have fabulous memories of spending these idyllic days doing more of less what one wished. Of course these days a lot of parents sign children up for holiday classes for different hobbies and skills. All the same these holidays provide a break from the regular routine of studies and exams. A defining holiday is usually one taken after passing out from school and before getting into college. A common holiday activity during this time would be to back pack through Europe.

The Weekend or Planned Holiday

Perhaps the most looked forward holiday is the weekend. This is the one that comes around regularly and gives you a much needed break from the daily chores and work. For those already in the fray of work and demanding schedules the weekend provides the perfect excuse for a planned holiday. A short break to get back that enthusiasm and return to work on Monday feeling more relaxed and ready for action. The legendary traffic jams on all roads leading out of the city on Friday evening bear testimony to the popularity of this holiday. Of course a planned vacation would last even longer that two days. You might take a week off and visit a new city or country. It all depends on just how you wish to spend your holiday.