Cape Verde has fast become one of the most popular island destinations in the world thanks to its beautiful beaches and landscape that offer a whole world of sun, sea, sand and relaxation. The 4,000 square kilometres of islands have a rich volcanic landscape and an incredibly diverse landscape from the flat sandy and try islands of Sal, Boa Vista and Maio to the rocky rich landscapes of the remaining islands. Holidays to Cape Verde are a fantastic opportunity to relax and unwind but also a chance to see these beautiful islands for their Portuguese history and vibrant culture. Here we’re going to look at some of the best things about the islands and give you a glimpse into why they are quite so beautiful.

The beaches

We’ll start with the most obvious attraction of Cape Verde holidays the beaches. The beach resorts of Cape Verde are simply superb and the 350 plus days of sun a year here make them a paradise on earth for sun worshippers. The islands vary from having large hotel complexes to 5 star all inclusive resorts with private beaches and beautiful sands. The beaches are overwhelmingly beautiful and unlike any others in the world with pristine sands and beautiful deep blue waters. The beaches offer great activities from the usual tourist fare to brilliant windsurfing and other opportunities. There’s also some fantastic opportunities to explore the sea life and the coast from scuba diving to submarine tours that take you deep below the waves tto explore the incredible riches of the Atlantic  seas.

The countryside

The islands diverse landscapes give them a fantastic array of opportunities to explore nature and wildlife. Santo Antao is one of the most naturally beautiful islands with lush mountain forests. You can take a trip from Porto Novo to Paul and ascend into the clouds before coming down into the lush valleys of the island. On Fogo you can climb the incredible volcano and enjoy the incredible views of the lush island surroundings. The forests and deep waterfalls here are incredible. The nature on offer is also incredible with a rich biodiversity and beautiful native bird species. However, the biggest wonder is undoubtedly the turtles. The islands are the world’s 3rd largest nesting site for Loggerhead turtles and you can see the conservation work that goes on here and plunge into the seas to view them in their natural habitat – absolutely a brilliant experience.

The History

With a strong colonial influence the islands have a rich history that is largely dominated by Portuguese occupation and the slave trade. Cidade Velha on Santiago is a harrowing experience and you can explore the incredible fort of Sao Filipe built in the 16th century and see the haunting marble whipping post Pelourinho. The islands cultural heritage is on display everywhere with old colonial buildings and facades littering the main cities and towns and are interesting to explore.

The culture

Finally on our tour of Cape Verde we should mention the incredible culture the islands have. The atmosphere is always  warm and welcoming and traditional local culture is a wonderful experience to see and to get involved in. The cuisine is exceptional and the islands come alive with tens of festivals throughout the year. The Mindelo carnival in February and the music festival Baia das Gatas in august are two of the best and well worth planning your trip around for the vibrant culture and lively music that dominates them.