This year more people are going to be taking holidays in England than ever before. Most Britons have visited less than half of England, yet the country is beautiful and the people in every region are welcoming.

Now is the time to book your holidays for the next six months if you want the best prices and choice. Never accept a brochure price, always try to get the hotel or self-catering company to give you a deal at a lower price.

There is much to see in any one area, far too much to fit it all into a two week break. One approach is to research an area and to narrow your favoured location down to a twenty mile diameter circle, book a hotel weekend break in the centre of your circle and if you like the area book a self-catering or hotel breaks for one or two weeks later in the year.

Every area of England has towns and cities that you can wander around and enjoy finding out about their history. Alternatively just enjoy the sights or the shopping.

Holidays in your own country mean no airport delays due to ash clouds or Spanish air traffic controllers and no ferry delays caused by French fishermen or farmers. No fractious children fed up of waiting around or to entertain on ferries for hours.

You can take as much luggage as you can fit into your car, even buy a trailer or roof-box if necessary. No money-grabbing "budget" airlines trying to grab every last penny off you for "excess" baggage.

Taking your own car means no worries about invisible scratches on hire cars that only the operator can see. No more parking twenty yards from the nearest car so no-one's car door opens against your shiny hire car. There is no driving on the wrong side of the road, either.

Everyone in England speaks English, so communications in hotels, pubs and restaurants are much easier than in France where they all speak English but refuse to do so. You can also strike up conversations with local people more easily if you all speak the same language. Meeting local people is what holidays are about, and if you stay away from tourist towns like Blackpool, Ross-on-Wye and Windermere you will find that local people are interested in meeting you, too.

Holidays in England with Children

Self-catering holidays are your best option. Book an olde worlde cottage then the rooms themselves are an exploration zone and totally different from home, providing marvellous memories for your children. Most cottages have dishwashers, washing machines, broadband and satellite TV. If you take your own Sky card you can arrange to watch your favourite Sky programmes while you are away.

Self catering means you can eat what the food you usually eat and keep costs down. It means you can choose when you eat and that you can cook pizzas to take out for lunch, keeping costs down further. It means that you do not need to worry about how your two year old is going to behave in a hotel restaurant.

Holidays in England for Couples

Self-catering holidays give the most flexibility, even without children. You can consider apartments and you do not need to concern yourself with play areas, so your accommodation choices are wider.

Hotels work well for couples too, especially if there is a bar and a restaurant where you can have your evening meal. Choose between a hotel just outside a major city or one out in the wilds.

City Holidays in England

For Families

This area has much to commend it. Chester is a fascinating city with lots of architectural interest, pleasant walks by the river, boats for hire, and a marvellous zoo. You are also within easy driving distance of North Wales, Manchester and Liverpool.

Liverpool is another city you can use as a base for exploring the surrounding towns and countryside. There are lots of good hotels at all prices. There are motorway links right into the centre of the city. You can easily spend a week exploring Liverpool itself. Visit the two cathedrals, the Catholic Cathedral of Christ the King is a must see, the architecture is unique and the light effects inside just take your breath away.

You can visit the Albert Dock, take a ride on an amphibious DUKW water bus all along the dock side of the waterfront, about two miles, then around the city centre. There are museums and public buildings that are essential to visit as well as the shopping centre.

Blackpool is worth a visit, at least for a weekend. There are more live shows playing in Blackpool than there are in the West End of London, and prices are much lower. Hotels outside the town offer better value, but you need to factor in the cost of taxis. Blackpool is designed to keep visitors entertained and fed, but at a price. Portions at restaurants are generally small and you will spend more money than you expected.

Blackpool's Illuminations are worth a look, too, seven miles of lights that go all along the sea front. The best way to see them is to walk, or take a bus tour that includes the Illuminations. Most people drive their cars through the lights, but the driver sees little and a seven mile traffic jam along Blackpool Promenade is not much fun.

For Couples

Nottingham is a city where you can spend a week. The city centre is very spread out, and there is a lot of walking. Nottingham has two universities, so it has a very youthful culture – there are lots of pubs and restaurants. Some of the pubs are hundreds of years old. The Trip to Jerusalem is built INSIDE the old city wall, with many small bars on different levels, connected by narrow staircases. The Bell is another famous Nottingham city pub. It, too, has lots of small bars on three floors, but it is easy enough to find, being right on the main square.